Saturday, March 24, 2018

My Week

Hello Everyone,
I had the pleasure of spending another day in the classroom teaching Grammy Squares at Quail's Nest Quilt Company in Sonora on Wednesday.  The girls were so pleasant and made some beautiful blocks.

It all begins with the center, and you build on it strip by strip, round by round.

We had bugs, and butterflies in the room!

You girls did a great job and I thoroughly enjoyed all of you.

I've been working on one of my quilts for the quilting cruise to Alaska.  I put my Aurora blocks on point.

I'm also making flocks of geese.  Since Canada geese mate for life, I have them traveling together in mated pairs.  They will make their journey through my quilt two by two.

This box of 120 yards of Fresh Cut Flowers by Kansas Troubles arrived from Cloth and Quilts on Wednesday.  This box weighs 55 pounds!

I'll be cutting up this fabrics to make kits for my Country Sampler quilt.  I'll be teaching this quilt on the cruise to Alaska as part of my Finessing the Figures class on the journey up to Alaska.

This quilt is made from the components in my Patchwork Math book.  The blocks are nine inches.....very doable.  I'm contemplating making a block layout sheet for each block.  As you make the components, they are placed on the sheet.  Whoever fills in their block layout sheet first, shouts "Bingo"!  This quilt may look difficult, but it really isn't.  Yes, it takes time, but all good things take a certain level of effort and creativity.  I like to enjoy the process.

It is supposed to snow again today and tomorrow.  During our last round of power outages, generator start ups and shut downs, our TV became deader than a doornail.  The repairman said our Smart TV wasn't smart enough to re-boot itself.  Since when did TVs have to reboot?  Who knew?

As a child, I remember our father replacing tubes in our TV.  He would have us sit in front of the TV and tell him what was happening while he was at the back of the TV tapping the tubes with a wooden dowel.  (It looked very much like the perch from our parakeet's cage.)  With our feedback, he would know which tube was the culprit.  If our input wasn't good enough, he would put a mirror in front of the TV to see for himself.  (I still have that big mirror.  Maybe I should put it in front of our un-booted TV, and knock it around a little bit to see what happens!)  We would then take the offending tube down to Harrison's Market, plug it in to the TV tube tester at the front of the store to see if it was indeed bad.....and buy another one for a couple of bucks.  Oh, the simplicity of the good old days.

Without a TV for several days, we were much better able to listen to the rain pounding on the roof.  We had 6" of rain in one day.  At one point in time, Mr. Joe thought it was time to commence building an ark.  It was intense, so intense that it melted most of our 40" of snow.  The runoff was really something to watch and hear.  Folsom Lake, a LARGE lake by Sacramento, rose 20 feet!  Now that's a lot of rain and runoff.

More quilting and pattern writing for me this weekend.  Hope you have a good one too.



  1. That really is a lot of rain! Hope it sinks in nicely and helps all those trees.
    I'm excited about the sampler pattern coming around. It's beautiful!
    Today I'm finally going to quilt my hexagon table mat that I made at retreat. I'm catching up on some smaller projects and then I'm back to my Lil' Orphan Scrappy :-) I hope you get to keep the power during this next snow!

  2. I hope no mud slides happen from so much rain.
    My dad did the same with our tv! Smart tv's are too smart for their own good

  3. Oh but I remember praying our old TV was going to die as a kid...because we wanted to get a new COLOUR TV! Its the first month of autumn here which this year is like another month of summer, finally had a few drops of rain yesterday, so would be happy to have the excess your getting. Once your snow melts from rain, do you then risk getting bogged in the mud? Good luck with the cutting, that is a lot of fabric!

  4. I can't wait to see the finished Alaska-themed quilt! Love the mated Canadian Geese! I remember, several years back, a Canadian Goose had gotten killed by a car behind the mall by us. The mate was pacing around it and didn't know what to do. It was so sad! I now know what that poor goose felt like, as my husband died 10 months ago. Quilting is something (when I can get my mind to concentrate a little) that helps.

  5. My Dad loved working on the family cars. He hated how everything got so "smart" (aka computerized) that he wasn't smart enough to work on them any longer. Technology at times -- Blech! However I'm grateful that I've managed to meet you through the power of technology (aka Internet)! Stay dry, my friend!

  6. Oh those geese! Can't wait to see where they are going. I love having no power occasionally, but it does change the daily routine. Looks like you are all organized for Alaska. WHat fun!