Saturday, May 14, 2011

Christmas Quilt Along - Post #1

Hello Everyone,

It is Christmas Quilt Along day! One of my favorite days of the month. This month, Sue is leading the group.  Thank you Sue!

This morning I started working on all 53 little pieces for this 8-1/2" block.  If nothing else, I have to concentrate on accuracy which isn't easy to do early in the morning!  Coffee, where's my coffee?

The block is done.....and not too bad.

Eight blocks down....twelve more to go.  I'll also make some more sashings and nine patch posts today.  I love the country look and feel of this quilt.....very homey.    Even though I only work on this quilt one day a month during the QAL, it is coming together slowly but surely.  By Christmastime, I will be so glad that I started this in February.

Check back later for more Christmas show and tell.

As always,



  1. So pretty. It looks perfect from here.

  2. Looks like you'll have it finished in time to wrap it and post it to me as my Christmas present then! It really is a gorgeous quilt.

  3. I love this's one of my favorites in the blogging world right now. The colors you've chosen are awesome. I so look forward to seeing each block. Your quilt is going to be stunning!! Hugs

  4. It is so pretty and wow... what a lot of cutting.

  5. What a lot of work in each of those block - they are really beautiful!

  6. What is the name of the pattern for this quilt? I want to make one too! Please e-mail me with the name @