Friday, May 27, 2011

More Minglewood Blocks

Hello Everyone,

I'm loving every minute working on the Minglewood blocks.  This block is called Crown Over Star.

The next two blocks are called Coronation.  It has been fun trying to decide on fabric placement for all of the parts and pieces of the blocks using fabric from the Carolina fabric line.  A couple non-Carolina fabrics were added to the mix to change things around a bit.

Some of the blocks have more pieces than others.  I prefer blocks with lots and lots of components.  They are more challenging when it comes to fabric selection and piecing skills.

I've also been working on swatch sheets for each block so everyone will know what fabric to put where.  I scan all of the fabrics before I start cutting, and create the swatch sheet while making the blocks.  I never knew my computer would be one of my indispensable quilting tools. 

All I want to do is work on these blocks!  I love them and I can't wait to select the fabric for the sashings and border.....but that is just going to have to wait until I get more of the blocks made so I can make an informed decision.  New fabric arrives weekly at the shop, so it is going to be fun to see what become the perfect match and finish for this quilt.  Nine blocks done.....23 to go!  This is going to be a BIG quilt.

Happy quilting everyone during the long holiday weekend.

As always,




  1. I'm in love with this quilt and I haven't even met it yet! Your scratch sheet is wonderful - I did a BOM years and years ago with one and haven't seen one since!

  2. This is going to be another stunning quilt. I love the blocks you've done so far, and the fabrics (of course!).

  3. what fabric line are you using. Its beautiful!