Monday, May 2, 2011

Quilt Show Time

Hello Everyone,

Let's start your week with a mini, online quilt show. The Amador Valley Quilters Guild sponsored a quilt show over the weekend. Here are just a few of the beautiful quilts. Many of the quilts were made by the wonderful customers that come to In Between Stitches. It is so much fun for me to see the finished quilts that I have viewed in different stages of completion over the past few years.  Enjoy the show.

The final quilt was made by a dear customer and excellent quilter, Jody McNees.  Jody passed away before she could complete this beauty.  Jody's friend, Kathy Jardine, hand-quilted this quilt for Jody's family.  A true gift of  love.

As always,



  1. Thanks for the peek. Aren't quilting friends just some of the best, how nice for the family.

  2. Eye candy galore!! What gorgeous quilts!!

  3. Goodness - so much talent! All the quilts are outstanding - it would have been difficult to judge this show for sure!

  4. Imagine my surprise to see my quilt was posted first. Then as I scrolled down you have another one. Thank you for adding me in your collection of pictures. The applique quilts are a labor of love because they take so much time to make. It's so nice to share them with other quilters. Only another quilter can appreciate what goes into making a quilt.

  5. Thanks for the eye candy. Those were fabulous! Just when I thought a had a favorite, I'd scrolled down and than I had another.