Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Party in the Garden is now taking sign-ups

Hello Everyone,

Today is another exciting quilting day. Several posts ago, I mentioned that a local quilt shop was going to offer my Party in the Garden quilt as a block of the month.  Sign-ups start today at ThimbleCreek in Concord, California!  Check out the information HERE at the ThimbleCreek Gazette.

The colorway is different than the original.  I'm working hard to finish the new one.  There are lots of checks, stripes, and flanges of course!

This block is now all stitched and I'm working on the block below it this week.

Contrary to popular belief, I do not sit and quilt all day, everyday.....well almost.  Yesterday, Joe, Zinnie and I went for a hike by White Pines Lake.  It was a very pleasant walk that took us along the Arnold Rim Trail. We walked in the morning, since rain and hail showers have been popping up in the afternoon.

Last week, we set off on a trail that a neighbor suggested.  This was a very remote trail deep in the heart of bear and mountain lion country.  This walk made me, and Joe a bit cautious.  Zinnie had a ball and was completely oblivious to the fact that she, and we were potential bear bait.  The only way we would do this hike again, is with a large contingent of fellow hikers that hike much slower than we do.....if you catch my drift!  I have way too many quilts that need to be finished before I head out to this remote location again!  I always email or call a family member to advise them of our daily activities and location.  That way if we get lost, the search party knows where to begin looking for our bodies us.

Today is another quilting day while I rest up my aching joints from our last outing.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

As always,



  1. Hi! I just "found" your blog and I have to tell you that the patterns you have are just wonderful - I REALLY need to buy some....come on payday!!! Could you let me know when your Party in the Garden BOM will start and how long it will run, as well as the monthly cost? Thank you!

  2. Your BOM is stunning! and White Pines Lake looks like a spectacular place! Very smart to let everyone know your whereabouts- just in case!!!

  3. Lynn,
    I love the new colorway for Party in the Garden.......can't wait to see the whole thing together.