Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Magic of October

Hello Everyone,

Finishing this quilt top was at the very top of my to-do list this week.....and it's done!  The borders are on, the embroidery is finished, and all the little pieces are firmly appliqued in place.  Is the pattern written you ask?  No, that was second on my list, first things first.   I'm glad that I put the pumpkins in the corners.  They needed to be there.  Just a couple of you commented on the feet sticking out from under the house.  That means this house belongs to the good witch.  If you want to see the whole witch, you'll have to look at the back of the quilt. (Not really, but it's the only explanation that I have.)

This mailbox was Mr. Joe's idea.  I wish we had a mailbox with a flag signifying outgoing mail.  The cabin doesn't have any mail service.  You have to have a post office box if you want to receive mail in this neck of the woods.  We choose not to be bothered, since it would most likely be junk mail.  At home,  we just have a slot for mail in the front door.  No welcoming red flag, no nothing.

I used Cosmo Sparkle embroidery thread for the spider web.  This was a little bit hard to work with.  The thread wanted to be in a tangled mess most of the time.  I was so engrossed in the swimming Olympic trials, that I didn't realize I had a real mess of tangled web on the back.  You can't see it, but I know what's there.

Now all I need to do is get the backing made and this top is going on the quilting machine.  It's only 44" square, so hopefully this isn't going to take a week for me to quilt.  With work, the 4th of July holiday party, and seeing the grandkids, this isn't going to make it to the machine until the end of the week. 

I entered Buttonwood Americana in the Quilting Gallery's Summertime Fun weekly themed contest.  She's not doing very well in the voting, so please head on over there and vote to boost her spirits not to mention mine, HERE.  You can vote for three quilts, and there are some goods ones to vote for.  The voting closes tomorrow, so make it snappy everyone! 

Enjoy your Sunday and the week ahead.  Make those lists, check them twice, and let's start finishing up what we started how many months if not years ago.

As always,



  1. I don't like spiders but I like yours! Especially the sparkly web! and I think you should put the witch on the back of your quilt... LOL. Linda

  2. Another beauty, Lynn. I really enjoyed your journey through this quilt. The mailbox was a fabulous idea. :-)

  3. Squeals of delight are coming from the Squash House at this very moment, Lynn! How I love your new creation! The colors and the fabrics you chose are so rich and perfect. Mr. Joe had a wonderful idea for the mailbox and the spider hanging from her silvery web off the moon is genius! I can't wait to see the quilting (and to be able to buy the pattern!!!).

  4. Hi from France
    Love your "Buttonwood Americana" and I have voted for her.
    Happy quilting

  5. Love the little details.
    off to vote.

  6. You got my vote. Love all the whimsy in October Magic.

  7. The Magic of October is absolutely gorgeous! You are just so talented! And of course I voted for Buttonwood is just too cute!

  8. Wow! This is gorgeous! Great finish :) The details are amazing.

  9. The Magic of October is wonderful, I love it.

    I've been and voted too, for you of course.

  10. Sorry I got there too late to vote. :(
    I am wondering if your "Magic of October" quilt pattern will be for sale and if so, where might I purchase it? :) ... Pat