Sunday, November 8, 2015

Annie's Star Quilt Show

Good Morning Sunshines!
I'm up here in Chico at the Annie's Star Quilt Show.  The featured artist is Donna Greenwald

Her incredible quilts will draw you to her booth, and not let you go.

 The use of color is beyond belief and very dramatic.


My friend Jo, made this quilt along with one of her friends.  What you can't see is that is has a ribbon hanging on the left-hand side!  You can check out Jo's blog HERE.

Enjoy the mini quilt show.

This Kim McLean quilt was a show stopper!

My friend Brandie put her very creative stamp on my Party in the Garden design.  This quilt is hanging directly opposite from my booth so we get to enjoy it all day long.  I LOVE what Brandie did with the border.

My favorite part of having a booth at a quilt show is talking with the quilters.  I loved meeting so many of you who spent quite a bit of time in my booth.  You inspire me with your kind words and appreciation of my work.  Sharon and Katie you are delightful!  Thank you so much for commenting on the blog yesterday. I hope to see you at your Orland guild soon.

Gail and I are headed out for a much needed cup of coffee then we, (Thelma and Louise) are off to the races.....I mean the quilt show!



  1. Thanks for sharing! It's always fun to go to an arm chair quilt show! Didn't even have to comb my hair or brush my teeth to enjoy it! Don't drink too much caffeine, girls! You're already at warp speed!

  2. I'm visiting because I met you yesterday at the quilt show. You have some great stuff!

  3. Thank you Lynn and Gail for joining us at our guild's quilt show! Everything was perfect and we love your beautiful patterns and quilts plus Joe's woodwork. Such talent! Your booth is so warm and inviting!

    Thank you for sharing pix of our member's quilts. There is allot of talent here in Chico! We are fortunate to have you here both for our show plus earlier this year as our guest speaker and a workshop where I learned a ton using your Patchwork Math book! Thank you ever so much! Looking forward to joining you again, the retreat will be a welcome reunion :0)

  4. BTW that Kim McLean quilt made by Sally Jo Smith won #1 Viewers Choice. We all loved it! Amazing talent

  5. Thanks for sharing such amazing works of art! The Kim McClean quilt mustve taken forever. I wonder if it was hand applied or machine applique. They were all beauties.

    1. Hand applied and Sally Jo is amazingly fast!

  6. There are some very gifted quilt artists in the Chico area! What beautiful work.