Thursday, August 30, 2012

Binding and Backing

Hello Everyone,
Not a whole lot to show for the first part of my week.  I made the bindings and backing for Toyland Tree.  To keep the binding nice and organized, I wrapped it around a used cardboard cylinder.

I've been drawing out some quilting patterns that I plan to use in the border of Nostalgic Christmas.

If you can't draw it, you can't quilt it!  So I draw and draw to build up the repetitive memory before I touch the quilting machine.

I have twelve pages of directions written for Toyland Tree.  I work on them in the morning while I'm fresh and at the top of my game. I can do binding in my sleep, so I saved that task for the late afternoon.

I had another important job to finish yesterday.  My 9-year-old twin granddaughters needed letters of reference.  They are both applying for a Junior Staff Position at the Kid Zone after school program at their elementary school.  They have to fill out an application and go through the interview process.  They will be compensated for their time with play money which can be redeemed for books.  I'm very impressed by all of this.  I wrote two glowing letters of recommendation from a Grammys point of view. I'll let you know if they get the job.

I'll spend today making the backing and binding for Nostalgic Christmas.  I have to redraw and scan all of the blocks for Toyland.  My day will be full.




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  1. I've been marking my quilts with the Frixon pens that disappear (well the ink disappears) when you iron the quilt or throw it in the dryer. It's so much easier for me. I cannot draw worth a flip! You are very talented! Have a wonderful day!

    Cheery wave from