Saturday, August 11, 2012

Christmas Quilt Along - August - Post #3

Hello Again,

Another frame and flange added to the pillow.

The final frame is on.  Now it's time to do some quick stitching in the ditch.  Then make the backing and put in the pillow form.


Voila, voila!!  Now my samples are ready to go on display in the shop.

I'll have a link to the shop's website for the pattern next week.  I plan on making personalized Christmas pillows for all of the kids both big and little.  Two down, four mote to go.

Now that I have this done and printed.  I can turn my attention to the October Magic drawing.  Zinnie and I will try to get to this today.....I promise.




  1. Oh, Lynn, your work is exquisite! What wonderful mementos and gifts! I will count the days till the pattern is available!

  2. Gosh - not only are you an incredible quilter and pattern designer, I'd add photographer to it as well! Great pattern cover, Lynn! The grandsons will be so happy to be featured! I'll be in line (virtually) for this one next week!

  3. Great idea for the kids' gifts. They will treasure them. As Lesley states, your work is beautiful.

  4. Wow, that pillow turned out amazing! Love all the details. I would put a couple of straight borders on it and call it a day. The extra attention to detail looks to be worth the trouble. Glad you could play along with us today!

  5. Beautiful! I love the pillows.