Thursday, August 2, 2012

Block of the Week

Hello Everyone,

Here's a new twist on a Block of the Month about BOW or Block of the Week.  Melissa and Leslie came up with this idea at In Between Stitches, and I think it is going to be a winner.

You know, Scrappy is my middle name.  This program is going to include enough fabric to make twelve easy blocks a week for the next 12 weeks. That's over 175 different fabrics!

At the end of the 12 weeks, if you faithfully make your blocks, you will end up with this.....Bushel Basket quilt by Edyta Star, from the Scrappy Fireworks Quilts book.

Leslie is doing a fabulous job selecting the fabrics, and making the blocks.  My contribution to this effort is packing the beautiful fabrics.  While we were packaging on my Monday workday, the sign-ups staring rolling in when customers saw the fabric bundles.  This program starts tomorrow, Friday August 3rd.  Click HERE if you are interested in signing up for the BOW.

With the Olympics in full swing, I'm in full swing with my dolly block.  She is almost completely stitched.  I have to keep reminding myself to get up and walk around.  Zinnie will come and drop her ball at my feet, telling me it's playtime and I need to take a break.

My yo-yo quandary was solved yesterday by Nancy from Nancie Ann Quilts.  She suggested that I take a few little tucks and turn the yo-yo into a worked!  I love it.  Nancy is now on retainer and I'll gladly pay her Tuesday! (Those of you that remember Popeye cartoons will know what I'm talking about.)  I read every single comment and listen to what you say.  You readers are the best!

To give you an idea of scale, I took a picture with the applique pins.  This bow is pretty tiny, but very sweet.  Just what my Dolly needed.

I'm going to change up my quilting schedule today and make more blocks for Nostalgic Christmas.  I move around more when I'm at the machine.....and I need to move just like those Olympic gymnasts.  How do they do what they do?  How can the body jump that high and twist three times in the air and not end up in traction?  I'm going to create a little traction of my own today and make some forward progress on the next Christmas quilt.




  1. Tucks in the yo-yo was a perfect solution. I immediately got your reference to Wimpy and Popeye. "I'll gladly pay you on Tuesday for a hamburger today". Yes, I'm definitely dating myself. LOL

  2. I Like It! She's gonna be a cutie-patooty! I'll try to keep my head from expanding while I await the arrival of my retainer fee!

  3. Love the baby doll.....I was a baby doll little girl...brings back good memories

  4. I just love Edyta's work. THis is an awesome project program. I wish I didn't have such a huge back-up of work, because I'd love to be in on this one. Your doll is adorable! Perfect yo-yo resolution.

  5. wow! that will be one awesome quilt when you get one done.
    Oh, the little doll is so sweet. Love the fabrics you are using.