Thursday, August 23, 2012

Toyland Tree

Hello Everyone,

Just in case you haven't guessed, here is a big, big clue for how Toyland TREE is going to go together.  Every TREE needs a star at the's mine.  This blocks is called Georgetown Circle and is perfect for the top of the tree.  I can envision a whole holiday quilt using this block.

I've been busy working on the little faces with embroidery floss.  They are coming alive and jumping right off the quilt.

Here's the top of my quilt.  I won't attached the yo-yo's to the swags until after I quilt it, which I think will give it more dimension.  I'll find some cute little buttons to put in the center of the yo-yo's.  I plan on crosshatching the quilt with a sprinkling of snowflakes in silver thread around my tree in the open areas.

Not counting the borders, there are seven rows to the quilt.  I'm still working on rows six and seven.  I have more swags to make and more finishing touches for the remaining blocks.  All the tiny little detail work is taking me a lot of time!  I'm just taking it one block at a time.  Today I'll finish the doll and make more red and white polka dot swags for the bottom row.  The finished size will be 64" x 76". At this point in time, it feels more like 64 feet than 64 inches!

And then there are the directions.  I've been working on them as I go along.  When I get tired of quilting, I turn to the computer and work on the directions.  Painstakingly slow, but they are coming together.  I'm off to start my quilting day with thread in hand and computer at the ready.




  1. I DEARLY LOVE the fact that you did a black and white dot background. That is so original for a Christmas quilt! Love the tree topper block too! Two thumbs up to you!

    Cheery wave from

  2. Oh me, oh my, Lynn, this quilt is going to be so charming. I love the star tree topper - I, too, can envision a whole quilt with that block. I can hardly wait to see the whole quilt.

  3. This is a really neat project. I love the black dotted background. :)

  4. All that tiny detail is turning into a masterpiece, Lynn! Just the detail in your jack-in-the-box has me in awe. This is really going to be a show stopper!

  5. you have picked out the most perfect fabrics for the applique pieces.

  6. Oh my goodness, what a talent you have! Waiting to see the finish!

  7. This is going to look fabulous. I can't wait to see the finished quilt in all it's beauty. I love the Jack-in-a-box, his face is gorgeous.

  8. thanks for sharing.