Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mystic, Merry Toyland

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was applique day.  The panda bear is now put to bed, finished.....ready to move on to the last block....the doll.  When I was young, no Christmas was complete without a new doll under the tree.  I can still remember the new doll smell, the feel of her hair and crisp, new doll clothes.

The baby doll block started out like this.  There were many, many iterations of her.  Lots of erasing, walking around the block, scratching my chin, wondering how to make her look just 'right'.

By late afternoon she was starting to really take shape and come to life. The yo-yo is looking a little big in the picture.  I may have to go back to plan A and make a bow.

More work to do today on the top of the pinafore.  A pretty bow, straps, and the top of her dress.  Then all of the little details will be embroidered to make her complete.  It's the details that will bring her to life, a little twinkle to her eyes, stitches on her shoes and hands, buttons on her pinafore straps....and on and on.  She is going to be very sweet and will hold many happy memories of my own childhood.  I feel like Gepetto, and this little girl will soon be dancing off my work table to explore the world.

Who says you can never go back to Toyland?  "Once you pass its borders......I'm returning again".  Growing up is highly over-rated!




  1. Lynn, your blocks are"sticking cute", can hardly wait to see the quilt completed.

  2. Just want to pick your Doll up and hug her. She is adorable. Fantastic job. Can't wait to see this quilt finished.

  3. I like the yo-yo...what if you just reduced the size of it...maybe by just drawing it in to make it a little more flower shaped in about 4 quick tucks?????

  4. Wow! You are really, really talented! Thanks for sharing!

    Cheery wave from Bev

  5. Being young at heart is what counts, Lynn! Your doll has so much dimension it looks like I could pick her up right out of the computer screen!

  6. I'm so sorry I missed this post yesterday, Lynn. The panda is adorable but that doll has captured my heart. I actually had tears in my eyes - I loved new dolls when I was a wee girl.