Monday, August 27, 2012

Little Black Dress

Hello Everyone,

I worked at the shop yesterday and just take a look at what followed me home. 

A few pieces of Little Black Dress by basicgrey for Moda.  I don't know what I'm going to do with it just yet, but it was calling my name.  You know, anything with polka dots is a winner in my book.

My posts are going to be few and far between over the next week.  I'll be writing pattern directions which is just as exciting as watching paint dry.  I'll be making binding and backings, also mind numbing.  Next week I'll be posting progress of my machine quilting on Toyland.  While I'm quilting, I'll have one eye on my laser printer while it prints out pattern after pattern.  Mr. Joe will be busy stuffing patterns next week.  He is just thrilled!  Sew'n Wild Oaks is a real Mom & Pop cottage industry.  The working conditions are good, I have great benefits, and the conversations around the water cooler are very stimulating! 

On that note, I'll be at the shop today for my regular Monday workday.  The Monday Ladies will be there quilting their hearts out. They are such a talented and fun group of women.  Seeing them is a great start to my week.




  1. Ekkkk!! What cute fabric!!! You made me laugh Lynn. We all know the fun of watching paint dry ;-D Have a good week.

  2. Have fabulous week. Enjoy the Monday Ladies and all their pretties. :-)

  3. Don't you love it when fabric calls your name!! You're going to have fun with that fabric and you do look great in black!

  4. This fabric was calling my name too... I grabbed this fabric ASAP ! Love it !

    Wishing you a very productive week with the help of your hubby the assistant !

  5. I love just about anything Basic Grey puts out, Lynn and I have been drooling over this one, too! I know you'll put it to great use ;>) Sounds like your combined noses will be to the grindstone for a while - have fun!