Saturday, July 12, 2014

Grammy Squares

Hello Everyone,
It's been good to get back in the quilting room and make some blocks!  I'm working through my stash one inch at a time.

A one inch strip is all I need to make these little cuties.  Sometimes I don't try to make the block really "match".  This one is quite random and I like the effect.

I start with a pretty center, pair it with some matching strips, and work my way around.  Stitch, trim, stitch, trim and round and round I go.  The strips in this block all match, and I really like this one too.

This quilt is going to be a collage of every color of the rainbow.  I've also included plaids, polka dots, checks and stripes.  It all works and the blocks are so much fun to make.  Three hundred more and I'm done!

Did I really say that?  Well it depends on how large this quilt is going to be.  Do I hear throw size would be nice?  But, I can just picture this as a large quilt on a bed at the cabin.  It would be so colorful, cozy. and really unique.  I think I should just plan on this one taking a fair bit of time, and just keep plugging away on it, a block here and a block there.

I'm debating whether or not to sew the blocks together as I go.  Right now about half of them are sewn together.  I'm so random in my fabric selections that I don't have to worry too much about the same fabrics next to each other.  It is going to take quite awhile to stitch them together, and I really don't want to face that monumental task at the end.  So I guess I talked myself into sewing them on as I go.  At least that way I'll have a better idea when it comes to the size of the quilt.

Tackle each big job just one step at a time, and it will get finished.......eventually.  Now about our garage cleaning.........


P.S.  Canine Chronicle Update

Mazey's weight has doubled since we got her just a few weeks ago.  I love the markings at the top and the sides of her eyes.  She has a little Court Jester look to her doesn't she? Boy is she a jokester and is so entertaining.

What a comedienne!  She is still uncoordinated at times and rolls around like the little pudge ball she is.  When we take her on her daily walks, she makes so many friends along the way, both furry and human. Neighbors come out of their houses to meet and pet her. Mr. Joe decided that she is a real "chick magnet".   Everyone loves her....but we love her the most.


  1. This so looks like a penny rug - which they threw everything into. I would join them as I go - would hate to face that as a whole myself.

  2. I just love all of your blocks - this quilt is going to be so cozy. Mazey is just adorable - I bet she adds a ton of fun to every day!

  3. I was up in the trees yesterday, and thought of you! I could handle cuddling in under that sweet coziness, so I suggest the back bedroom...after you photograph it on the sled of course! I need to start cutting hexies for our dreamhome too! Such a good leaders and enders project!

  4. Your blocks are wonderful with the dark fabrics surrounding your hexies!

  5. Your grammy squares are beautiful just like little Mazey! I don't know that I will be able to pick her up next time I see her. She has already surpassed my kitties in weight.

  6. I love the idea of snuggling into your grammy quilt at the cabin, Lynn! Are you sewing the blocks together by hand? I want to know how far down on the floor you had to go to get such a great photo of Miss Mazey! She looks ready to pounce and oh, so much fun!

  7. Loving this hexie quilt - might just have to try making one myself!

  8. I'm so impressed at your bravery with the granny square hexagons!!! I started a log cabin quilt long ago and still haven't finished it, probably 10 years later!! :-) And your Mazey is so cute!! A true chick magnet!!

  9. Your quilt is going to be AMAZING!! I LOVE IT!!
    And your little Mazey is adorable!! A little ball of furry love!


    I really like how you are using fabric from your stash to make these beautiful granny square blocks :-D

  11. This quilt is going to be wonderful, and I can really see it as a throw to be used on snowy days at the cabin.

    Mazey looks gorgeous, as usual, and I'm sure she's laughing again. She always seems to be either smiling or laughing in her photos.