Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sew'n Wild Oaks Class is in Session

Hello Everyone,
The following quilted loveliness is brought to you by the girls of Sew'n Wild Oaks. Yesterday we hit the eye candy jackpot.....again.  These girls are amazing!
Paula signed up for the UFO program through In Between Stitches and finished Party in the Garden.  The details she added are phenomenal.

Every petal and French knot is made to perfection....and the fussy cutting....fabulous.

We all marveled at each at every block.  Well done my dear!

My sister Gail also signed up the UFO program and finished her Nostalgic Christmas quilt!  We all had another chance to oohhh and aahhhh!  What a great way to celebrate the Holidays with this quilt on display.

Perfect, perfect fabric for the flange.  Gail enjoys selecting her fabrics, and you can see that reflected in her quilts.

Kathy is following along with my Country Corners BOM and just look at these beautiful blocks!  She has a wonderful stash of fabrics left over from other projects from clothing made for her granddaughters to quilting projects.  She is certainly putting it to good use!  She liked one of the blocks on the cover of the book, and made one on her own.....without any help.

 Country Corners blocks were popping up all around the classroom walls.

It is so much fun for me to see the different block variations.

Gail is now working on Winterset.  She said how much fun it was to switch to blues now instead of the green and red fabrics.

Wendy is adding Ohio Star blocks and flying geese around this adorable panel.  It is going to be so cute!  Wendy is new to quilting and she has jumped right in with both feet.  Now she is totally submerged in the world of quilting and loves it!

Susan is making two blocks at the same time for Country Corners.  Same components.....

......different layout, wonderful fabrics.

Suzanne is really putting the Patchwork Math book through its paces!  I've always said I learn from my students.......and yesterday I learned so much.  Suzanne is making the Country Corners blocks 6" instead of 9".  She's good at math and resized it all down.  I always have my girls work on the blocks a month before I release the cutting directions to the world to shake out any bugs or cobwebs .  In block #3, Suzanne wanted to make irregular sized Flying Geese.  We realized the formula in the book doesn't work for a "goose" that is irregular with the construction method that I show in the book.  In most Flying Geese, the width is twice the amount of the height 6 x 3.....4 x 2..... 3 x 1-1/ get the picture.  But the formula will not work if you make a goose that finishes at 3-1/2 x 1-1/4, an irregular size. Suzanne and I were ready to hit The Ale House prior to happy hour as we tried calculation after calculation. To make a long story short.....stick with a proportional "goose" and you will not have to hit the liquor cabinet! (But it was 5 o'clock somewhere.)

So there you have it.  Another wonderful day in the classroom with a great group of quilters who constantly amaze me.  Well done by all!



  1. Wow! What a wonderful job every one did!! I LOVE Gail's quilt - just beautiful!!!!

  2. Wonderful quilts ! I so look forward to seeing what your class is up too :-D

  3. love all the eye candy.. what a talented group. Thanks for sharing.

  4. One of my favorite days of the week when I get to see what your gals have been up to! Just now I am channeling them again.......

  5. I agree about proportional geese! I am making 2x3.5" geese for Red Crinoline Quilt's Kennesaw Mountain pattern. I have some HSTs from a fellow bee member's scrap bag, and I'm trying to use those with square sky pieces to piece them together - kind of a blend of traditional and modern piecing techniques. So far, so good!

  6. Absolutely beautiful stuff! The first few pics had me in applique heaven! Real sweet.