Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sew'n Wild Oaks Class is in Session

Hello Everyone,
My girls are at it again making beautiful quilts and blocks!  Vivian is almost finished with her Toyland Tree quilt!  This beauty is going to be finished and on display in her home by Christmas.  She is fairly new to applique, but you would never know it when you see her quilt in person.  Fabulous job Vivian!

The girls have been busy making blocks for Country Corners.

So many wonderful variations in fabrics.

They've been twisting and turning their components and coming up with many different layouts.

I think they've been having a good time, and learning new concepts along the way while practicing and achieving precise blocks.

This block looks entirely different this way.....

....and then this way for the final placement.

A scarecrow is coming to life!  He has authentic blue jeans too!

These parts and pieces are going to be beautiful leaves.

As Irene said, "One block down, only 119 more to go!"

Thank you girls for another wonderful day!  I look forward to our time together with each and every one of you.


Canine Chronicle
Mazey loves Cherry Moose Tracks ice cream!  She weighs 24 pounds now.  When we got her, she weighed 9 pounds.  Do you think she's been licking too many ice cream containers?  NMSue this picture is for you since you requested a Mazey picture.  I don't have your email, so I can't respond to your comments personally. ~~Lynn


  1. Lovely blocks and in progress projects. Tee Hee - my furries love vanilla and will push that dish all over the kitchen floor trying to get every last 'taste' off it.

  2. Well, I do know that July is National Ice Cream month. So I guess it is only fitting for Mazey to enjoy her licks.

  3. LOL ! Mazey is so cute & getting SO big ! I so enjoy watching what the girls are working on How Fun !

  4. Another exciting day with all you creative ladies! Love those country corner blocks...proof that the ladies do listen well to their teacher!

  5. Your ladies continue to amaze me, Lynn! Mazey is a hoot! I can't believe how long her legs have gotten in such a short time. You know you have a good one when she loves ice cream!

  6. Very interesting to see how different the block looks if you just change the direction of some of the elements. Great pictures to include!

  7. I'd love to be one of your ladies! Those country corner blocks are lovely and so perfect. Can't blame Mazey for loving ice cream now can you. Looks like there's no need to wash out the containers when she's finished... might have to wash the dog though!! :o)) .....xx

  8. So many great projects! Those Country Corners blocks are going to make some beautiful quilts! Love that scarecrow! Maisie has certainly grown quickly, she still looks adorable though!

  9. I am such a sucker for red green and gold. Love the basket block as well. I want to make some now! Mazey is such a cutie, and probably really sweet due to all the ice cream ;)

  10. The work that comes from both you and your students is amazing. Keep it up. I also love playing with blocks. Mazey is way too cute. I had a cat once that loved yoghurt. Take care.

  11. Hmmmm.... sort of looks like how I eat ice cream.... :)

  12. As usual your girls are producing some great work. Talking of work, it looks as though Mazey's making short work of that ice cream!

  13. As usual, enjoying the Mazey photos. She is so cute. And, my e-mail address is Did you see Mazey's parents? That should give you an indication as to how big she will get. Our Toby is a slender 68 pounds. He is the smallest golden we have had and just perfect-especially since he likes to sleep with us stretched out the width of the bed. PS: Love your Patchwork Math book. Bought it and practicing to make my blocks look as good as possible. Also have a couple of patterns.