Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Making Winterset at the Cabin

Hello Everyone,
Last week, my sister Gail joined us for a few days of quilting at the cabin.  We both set up our machines on the dining room table and quilted until it was time to each and time to take Mazey for a walk.
Gail is diligently working on Winterset.  She starts out with her pieces nicely placed on her block layout sheet.  

She is VERY precise and organized.  She inherited the "organizational" gene.......I did not.

All of her little parts and pieces turned into this gorgeous block.  This block is spot on when it comes to being the correct size.

Gail is making her quilt larger without the appliqué in the center.  Here are all of her finished blocks to date.  In addition to these, she has all 72 of her pinwheels made.

Here's my original quilt with the center appliqué.  So I guess you could say that I inherited the "appliqué" gene.  Gail has an aversion to the "A" word.  One of these days Gail, you are going to get an intensive lesson in appliqué.  You can run but you can't hide.  I know where to find you!

We had a wonderful week working on our projects together.  Each of us were totally consumed in quilting for much of the day.  Mazey loved having Auntie Gail come for a visit.  She's just so much fun and we all love her.....both Gail and Mazey!  Everyone should have such a great, supportive, kind and genuine sister!



  1. Oh I love Gail's version!! What fun to have a quilting sister to spend time with!!! SEW SPECIAL!

  2. Another great showing from The Sister Act and a wonderful way to share a week!

  3. I know HRH would love to drop over for an ap-PLEEK-ay refresher. If we seat Gail in a corner on the deck and we sit on either side of her, and you come with the supplies like all TA-DA!, she won't have a choice. Right? We'll...unless she goes all Spider Monkey on us!

  4. What?! I was up late picking out those errant stitches last night...and having insomnia over it all in the wee hours! That's just how my foggy brain is going to roll today!

  5. Gail's version is wonderful ! Your patterns are always to easy to read and I love your method in your patterns of the block layout sheet . Are you enjoying this rain we have been having ?

  6. Love to see Gail's beautiful version. You gals must have so much fun when you get together!

  7. That's a ditto for me, Lynn! There's no place I'd rather be than quilting at the cabin with you! We had such fun and I got lots of "bonding" time with Mazey! I also miss my walking partners! I promise I will learn this applique stuff but it will probably take an intensive lesson from the "master" so it will "stick." Thanks to all of you for the really nice comments!

  8. Gail's version of Winterset is going to be beautiful! How wonderful to a sister to share quilting with!

  9. How I wish I could have been there with you and Gail, Lynn! What a fun weekend! I love Gail's fabric choices - I made a quilt a while back using the same line! Great minds think alike. Love those perfect points and perfect blocks sizes. I think she's more than ready for applique - don't you?!

  10. I've jusst enlarged the photo to check and I'm happy to see that Gail's pointy bits are just perfect. Next up? Applique for sure.