Thursday, July 2, 2020

Project Updates

Hello Everyone,

I have so many projects going on that I had to start a monthly list to keep me on track for what I need to do on each project.  First up is the completion of the borders on Leaf Peepers.

Now I have to make the backing, machine quilt it, and bind this one.  Oh, and I have to finish the pattern writing too.  I'm looking forward to filling the borders with some beautiful machine quilting.

I decided to add borders to Lovey Dovey.  The borders give me lots of space for some more wonderful machine quilting.

This just didn't look "finished" to me.

Now here's the latest on my Crossing the Pond project with the Journey to America Fabric.  I felt that I was stuck in dry dock for the last week.  All I wanted to do was work on this project, but I had to get some of the other projects finished and out of my sewing room.  

Here's another block that is going to be in the final design.

First, I make all of the components for a block, and place them on the layout sheet, which will be included in the pattern.  I get my "sea legs" when I make my first block. I make sure all of my calculations are correct, and the colors play well together.

Now the block is sewn together.  I swapped out the pink for the blue HST.  I won't sew the sashing on until I get ready to sew the blocks all together.  The blocks will finish at 10".  After they are put together, the blocks will be 16" finished.

I have another project too which I will save for another post.  My box arrived from Henry Glass Fabrics the other day.  I will never be caught up!


P.S. Don't forget my sale is still going on in my Etsy shop.

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