Saturday, January 7, 2012

Eight Years Ago Today........

........we moved into the cabin through three feet of snow.  It started out as a weekend retreat, then turned into more of a semi-permanent home when we both retired.  If we aren't here, family and friends fill the cabin with activity.

The ice skates belonged to my mother.  She brought them with her when she moved from upstate New York to San Mateo, California in 1942.  My mother, my aunt and my grandmother, came across country on a troop train of all things, to join my grandfather who arrived earlier to start a business with his brother.  The skates haven't been used in over fifty years, but they certainly make a nice decoration.  The last time I went ice skating was at Squaw Valley in the late 1960's.  I fell, split my pants, and haven't put on another pair of skates since.  It was quite embarrassing when my date saw my pink, long underwear that I had borrowed from my grandmother!  Yes, that same grandmother from the troop train.

This is our main source of heat and it keeps us toasty when the power goes out.....and it goes out all of the time for days at a time.  It has been fun decorating each room with treasures from garage sales and junk shops.  If anything stands still, like this old sled, it will be draped with a quilt.

It is peaceful here and my creative juices flow when we escape city life and retreat to the mountains.  Time to sign off for now and start creating some magic in a magical setting.

As always,


P.S. I posted a new recipe.  Go to the new RECIPE section at the top of the blog.  I'll try to post a new recipe a week for you to enjoy. 


  1. Your cabin is lovely. I loved ice skating when I was younger and always want to get back on the ice when I see that the pond is frozen. However, I never have had your experience:) I love the story/memories attached to your mother's skates.

  2. I love the homely cozy setting of the cabin...I would feel right at home there.
    Never skated in my life...too old now to try.
    Julia ♥

  3. Love the cabin!

    Being a true southern girl, I've never had the opportunity to ice skate. Not sure I would be very good at it either.

    Great post, I enjoyed the story about your family and the troop train.

    Happy 2012.

  4. It looks wonderful, just how I imagine a log cabin should look.

  5. Beautiful cabin and the recipe is wonderful. Will be making it for my family.....

  6. Happy Cabin Anniversary, Lynn! I've always dreamed of a cabin in the woods and the smell of freshly baked bread coming from the oven as I stitched away on my sewing machine! I just love that you "share" the cabin with all of us - makes me feel like I'm right there!