Saturday, January 28, 2012

No Pattern Test Dummy Here

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday, my sister Gail spent the day with me working on her Winterset quilt.  I handed her the pattern, and with very little advice or instruction from me, she went straight to work on her first block.

After cutting out the 60 pieces of fabric (for one block) from the cutting chart, she placed them on the block layout sheet.  It's a good thing she enjoys puzzles!

She plans on making another block today at her house without any help at all.  I'll wager she will be making more than one today once she gets on a roll.  The only issue with the pattern layout sheet is....don't sneeze or let the wind disturb the pieces.  Now Gail has four cats and all I can say is......good luck with that! 

I added two extra leaves in the kitchen table and worked at the computer while she worked across from me on her sewing machine.  She didn't know I was stealing a glance her way, observing every move and stitch.  It was interesting for me to watch her interpret my pattern directions.  I gave her a red pen and she jotted down important things that I needed to add to the final product.

After four hours of very precise cutting and quilting, I'm no longer using the phase PTD (Pattern Test Dummy).  Gail thoughtfully worked her way through the directions, and gave me some valuable insights.  If she can make this block, she can do anything!  Both of us have gone skydiving which also taught us we can do anything! 

Challenge yourself today and tackle a project you've been afraid to start.  You CAN do anything!

As always,



  1. Oh wow, 60 pieces in her first block. What a victory not to mention your directions must be very clear, sounds like a fun day.

  2. For a new quilter...... I'm impressed with her ability to a quilt a pattern so advanced....the quilting genes must run in the family.....

  3. This sounds like good advice, but should we listen to someone who voluntarily jumped out of a moving plane?

  4. lol to Brandie! ;D This looks like it's going to be an amazing quilt. Way to go to your sister!!!! Not an easy first block. Rewarding one, though!

  5. Sounds like you and Gail are a great team, Lynn! it sure does help to have an extra set of eyes on something so detailed! And you've both gone sky diving - how cool is that!

  6. Hello Lynn,

    Skydiving,WOW that must have been fun. I have dived in this year with cross stitching on evenweave I didn't think I would be able to handle it but found I love it. Your sister in law did a great job testing out your pattern.
    Happy days to you both.