Thursday, January 12, 2012

Quilting Winterset

Hello Everyone,

I put Winterset on the quilting machine and spent yesterday afternoon quilting, quilting, and more quilting.  I would love to spend the whole day at my machine today, but I'm filling in down at the shop.  The cross-hatched center is just what I wanted.  It is simple and old fashioned and really sets off the windmill.  I'm using Dream Wool batting which gives it that little extra loft.

All free-motion feathers in the squares and stitch in the ditch around the rest of the block.

I'm very pleased with the way the borders surround the quilt with little diamonds. I'm anxious to get the first pass finished on this quilt, so I can take it off of the machine to see the full effects of my quilting.  I will then turn the quilt and finish the two other borders.  That step will take me longer, but I'm vertically challenged when it comes to feathers, and need to quilt side to side and not up and down.

I ended up ripping out this design around the windmill.  Unfortunately I quilted one in each corner.  The plan was to have them in all four corners.  After completing two of the patterns, I knew it just wasn't right.  I had way too much open space that needed something.....I'll sleep on it and come up with something on Friday.

I hope you all have a quiltingly, wonderful day.

As always,



  1. It looks beautiful....I can't wait to see it finished.......

  2. Gosh, Lynn - you SING when you're on the longarm! I just love the dimension your designs give to the quilt! Maybe I should try feathers sideways, too, as I get nowhere up and down either!

  3. Your quilting is exquisite. The batting really makes a difference too.

  4. Love the cross-hatching and your feathers are fabulous! You always make things come together in such a beautiful display. Your such an inspiration!
    Quiltingly Yours......

  5. Just beautiful! Your quilting is just the perfect design for this quilt. Can't wait to see the end result.

  6. Stunning quilting for a stunning quilt. I love how your quilting makes the fabrics look almost like satin.

  7. Wow..just wow! I wanna be you when I grow up and quilt like that!!! Gorgeous job!

  8. Wondering if I could get Winterset pattern? I ordered it but was told it is out of stock? Perfect for my dutch grandma!