Wednesday, June 27, 2012

....And The Winner Is.......

Hello Quilters,

Let me introduce myself. I'm Zinnie,  a 3 year-old Golden Retriever.   I used to be a very regal-looking dog until my humans put this.....

ridiculous, plaid blindfold around my eyes and turned me into a random number generator.  Don't they know I can't read yet?

Anyway, 61 quilters entered the contest to win 10 Christmas fat quarters and a quilt pattern.  My job, and you know I love to please, was to pick the winner from the comments and emails. All the entries were logged according to date and time received, and then given a number on one of my doggie cookies.

Should I eat them in order, or just be random?

I need to have a thoughtful moment of prayer and say grace before this weighty decision and eating.

Okay, I'm ready now and I'm inching toward a winner.

My noses feels like the spinner on the Wheel of Fortune.

Should it be #46?, you are rich and famous and you have your own wonderful line of fabric with a new one on the way called Pam Kitty Love.  Sorry Pam, KITTY, I mean really?!?!?  How about Pam PUPPY Love?  Now that's more like it! That's my cup of kibble.

Should it be #29, my mom's friend Karen, who drives all the way from Los Banos to quilting class at In Between Stitches?  No, sorry Karen, but I'll share my cookies with you.

And the winner is #12 Elizabeth, The Catskill Quilter!  Let's give a round of a-paws! 
(Elizabether doesn't have a blog that you can go visit.)
Elizabeth said:
500 posts!?!? Congrats to you! I appreciate your posts, and I always have my coffee at my elbow when I read them. Thanks for being there day after day for us!

So until the next contest........I'll be curled up at my mom's feet while she blogs and quilts.  Thank YOU all for being there day after day with us.

As always,



  1. That's the cutest drawing I have ever seen.

  2. I just think Zinnie is SUCH a love! Great job Zinnie!!!!

  3. I like your method! Very scientific! You must have been giggling the whole time setting this up and having great fun with Zinnie. I always play games with my Lucky, a Yellow Lab. Hide and go seek, the sock game, dress up, you name our sweet companions! Congratulations to Elizabeth!!

  4. Too funny!! With a name like Catskill how could Zinnie pick any other name!! haha Purrr-fect choice!

  5. LOL ! The best drawing I ever participated in :-D

    A big Congrats Elizabeth !

  6. Excellent! Well done, Zinnie for being such a clever dog! And well done to the winner!

  7. Please give Zinnie a big hug and pat on the head for all that hard work! What a wonderful dog, and how lucky are you to have such a helpful assistant!?!

  8. Zinnia, you are too cute! And so good, even if you didn't pick my number.

  9. Congratulations Elizabeth! Well done Zinnie (even though you didn't pick me!) xxx

  10. Good doggie! What a cute post, Lynn!
    Congrats to Elizabeth!

  11. I get it Zinnie! I don't know about Rich or Famous, but my second line of fabric is coming out. It has a couple of cute pups on'll have to take a second look! Congrats to the winners!

  12. Oh Zinnie, your willpower is amazing! I would have gobbled up all those cookies and forgotten to look at which number I gobbled first! Congratulations to Elizabeth! By the way, the blindfold is cute, but I think it would look better as a holiday kerchief around your neck - lol!

  13. Lynn, what a darling, wonderful dog! I am amazed that Zinnie was so dignified - almost shy! Thanks so much!

  14. Too much fun! Good job Zinnie.

  15. Opps. What fun, and thanks for the chuckle. I hope Zinnie gets to eat all the treats, but maybe not all at once.Looking forward to many more milestones for you Lynn.

  16. Zinnie, you are adorable. Love your method of choosing a winner. Congrats to Elizabeth.

  17. Zinnie,

    You made my day.

    Well done Elizabeth, enjoy your fabric.

    happy days.

  18. Love your random number generator!

  19. Zinnie you did a great job there, even if you didn't pick me!

  20. yay! for the winner. such a cute post. made me smile.