Saturday, June 9, 2012

Christmas Quilt Along June - Post #3

Hello Again Everyone,

Two mittens done, seven to go!    We added a little checked cuff, yo-yo and button, then we stuck them on a tree out front and they looked so cute!

Harleigh loves to make yo-yo' she is my yo-yo maker today.

Here she is tracing the backing for a mitten.  Each of the backings is going to be a different plaid.....of course!  The job goes much quicker with an extra set of hands.

Each mitten is unique....just like the mittens I have in the winter clothes closet when the little kids come to the cabin to play in the snow.  Nothing ever matches and never will!

As always,



  1. Precious. You gals did a great job!

  2. Lynn, these are absolutely adorable! Thanks to you and Harleigh for sharing your wonderful day with us. I feel like it's Christmas...

  3. You look like you both had fun. They turned out great!

  4. That was a super project to work on with your granddaughter. I'm sure she'll have a fond memory of making mittens and pancakes with you.

  5. Those mittens look great with your little finishing touches. Please could I borrow your granddaughter to help me for a while? Oh and perhaps she'd make me pancakes like those as well.

  6. I remember when you showed us how to make those mittens! So glad you posted about them today to remind me they are on my to do list! Great job today and beautiful helper!