Friday, June 22, 2012

Best of Show

Hello Everyone,

Here is a quote I received in my email on Wednesday, from my friend Barbara:

Lynn our quilt won first place in its division and best of show at the fair!!

I couldn't stop smiling all day long.  Don't you love the OUR quilt part!

Barbara did an excellent job matching up seams and kept her points pointed.  Her workmanship, attention to detail, and color selection turned this into an award-winning quilt.

Beth Hummel of Livermore beautifully quilted Barbara's quilt.

Click HERE to see my post back in November when Barbara attended my Country Charmer class.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Watching my patterns come to life through another persons creativity, warms my heart.  It is the best thing about designing, to see how you take my patterns and turn it into your own quilt, with your own style, making it special.   Congratulations to you my friend!

I'm still smiling.

As always,


P.S. We never made it to the pig races!


  1. Wow! The quilt is beautiful. I'm sure Barbara is so delighted. It must be wonderful to see one of your patterns win such a high honor.

  2. Oh yes Lynn, this pattern is just the best! I love the colors she choose for this quilt - beautiful! She certainly deserved that ribbon!!!

    I also wanted to let you know that I saw another Madrigal quilt in Reno yesterday at the QCS show. This one was made by Quilts in the Attic from Cottonwood, CA and it was gorgeous! There were tons of folks in her booth checking it out and the fabric that she choose was just wonderful!
    Loved it!!!

  3. Stunning quilt! I can see why it won Best of Show. Congratulations to Barbara!

  4. That is so wonderful! As is that quilt! You have to love this quilting community because it's all about sweet that Barbara shared the moment of glory! Cool!

  5. Oh how wonderful congrats all around.

  6. Congratulations all around! It's such a beautiful design and Barbara and Beth did justice to it.

  7. Wow, what wonderful news Lynn. It is rewarding for all of you, a moment of pride, almost like giving birth.

  8. Congrats to you for designing the quilt and Barbara for making it ..
    Well deserved of first place..
    Julia ♥

  9. Loads and loads and loads of congratulations to you both for such a brilliant job.

  10. A huge congratulation to Barbara -- what a thrill! I can't imagine the feeling of having your own design ascend to such heights, Lynn! And how sweet of her to say "our quilt"!! Isn't the quilting community just fantastic!