Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sew'n Wild Oaks Class is in Session

Hello Everyone,

The 2nd Tuesday of the month means Sew'n Wild Oaks quilting day at In Between Stitches. The girls gather to work on any of my patterns, BOM's or classes that I've taught.

Barbara is working her way through Minglewood, and she finished this beautiful block.  All of the directional fabric worked out perfectly!

Barbara also brought in her Midnight Star quilt that will be quilted and ready for Christmas this year!
Love the plaid border!

Evelyn worked on her Winter's Warmth blocks.  I posted the tutorial for flying geese HERE under the Virtual Classroom tab.  It is the easiest way I know to make four flying geese at a time.  Evelyn just flew through her geese.....or goose.....whatever!

File this in your brain under "great ideas".  Evelyn uses Crystal light container for all of her quilting supplies.  They come in different sizes, have lids, and she labels them with her name and the contents.  This is an excellent idea.

Louise found the best pasta dryer to hold her strips for Heartfire. This is another great investment to add to your quilting toolbox.  The strips on the dryer look good enough to eat!

Louise's quilt is going to be spectacular in these bright colors.

My sister Gail, is making great progress on Madrigal.  All flanges sewn on, check......most of the blocks made.....check,  setting squares cut.....check. 

She is going to assemble her beautiful blocks together just in time for our class next week.  I'm looking forward to quilting this one for her.  Little does she know it's going to cost her a gazillion $$$$$$'s.  Just kidding Gail.  I'm going to have lots of open areas to fill with beautiful machine quilting. I'm in love with her maroon and black colors.

Barbara is working on the center applique section of Madrigal.  The colors in her quilt are gorgeous!  So different than Gail's, and also so beautiful!  I love to see my patterns made up in different colors.  Barbara's blocks are all finished, and she will have lots to show at the Madrigal class next week.  I can't wait!

Paula is working on her picket fence for Party in the Garden.  Paula excels at needle turn applique and could teach a class.  She is so precise from beginning to end.  She has many of her blocks finished for this quilt.  Slowly but surely, her heirloom quilt will be completed and it is going to be exceptional!

Isabelle was working on pinwheels for Winterset.  She had a box of finished blocks all made with Blueberry Crumb Cake fabric.  This box looked good enough to eat also!

Isabelle has been working hard on her Party in the Garden and it's done!  She was so clever and did a combination of machine and hand quilting.  This was Isabelle's first attempt at a large, appliqued quilt!  I'm so proud of you Isabelle! Your own personal touches you added to the quilt are so special and so YOU!  This is a wonderful heirloom that your girls will treasure forever.

So, that was my day yesterday.....surrounded by beautiful quilts, and beautiful ladies.  It was a very special day.

As always,



  1. Lots of productivity and talented ladies.

  2. Great tips. I have to get a pasta dryer; looks very handy.

  3. How delightful to see everyone's WIP's! I am always amazed at how dedicated your group is, Lynn! How nice that you're going to quilt Gail's top even if it will "cost" her - lol! Maybe next she'll be learning the longarm!

  4. Wow, Lynn what great eye candy. Don't you love how your designs just seem to bloom into beautiful one of a kind quilts? Great work, to the teacher, designer and her students.

  5. What a wonderful day you all had! Each project is fabulous!

  6. I'm blushing Lynn... Not used to so many compliments... Thank you!!!
    Anyway I couldn't wait to attend to your " club " and was pacing up and down the room until it was finally time to go!!
    There is a special atmosphere in the class .. The moment we open the door of the shop, the little bells chime and all worries and problems are left outside...
    Light, love, creativity, friends, colors welcome us!
    We meet exceptional ladies who are busy, passionate, smart - quilting ladies are smart!! - patient, hard workers, well organized, pushing themselves to new techniques, tools, patterns...
    I always come back with a notebook full of tricks, advices, great address e-mails...
    Lynn your big basket on the table is full of your wonderful creations, useful tools and bursts of new ideas !
    Thank you for hopping from one table to another to help us poor souls stuck with our pinwheels, applique or hexagons,,, Without YOU, all those piles of fabrics would be buried in the bottom of a closet with a label : " indistinct shape of a saying so quilt ( next time better try something else)" ..
    Your patience, love, skills, visions, blog make our quilting and everyday life so much easier, full of joy, hope and... busy... Thank you indeed!!!
    Your next class is in exactly in 27 days...

    1. Isabelle, my friend, you are a poet!
      Truer words were never spoken or so perfectly!!


    2. Lynne, your words are high praise! I may just have to finish this quilt!!


    3. And I do know that there is no "e" in your name..truly I do!!