Monday, June 25, 2012

Making More Magic

Hello Everyone,

Here's the start of my next 500 posts.  I'm blown away and very flattered with all your comments and emails in response to my blog and the contest.  I'm even more surprised that so many of you actually read what I've been writing over the past four years. Thank you all so much!  Zinnie is very much looking forward to playing her role in the selection of the winner.  You know she can be bribed with doggie treats, a walk to the park, and a nice brushing.

October Magic is getting a little closer to completion.  Just a few more evenings of applique, and embroidery, and then I can finally attach the borders to this wallhanging.

This week my to-do list includes getting this quilt to "done" status.  I already started writing the pattern and have it about half finished.  I'll take advantage of the serenity at the cabin, pretend I'm an author of a great novel, and get this one written.

The cauldron by the fence was Mr. Joe's idea for the mailbox.  When he's not rolling his eyes at my hair-brained ideas, he can actually come up with some clever ideas of his own.  In looking at this picture, I think the corners need some plump pumpkins.  I guess I'm not a close to finished as I thought!

I'm planning the quilting in my mind and this one shouldn't be a 40-hour quilting marathon.  Once this quilt is finished, then it will be time to work on Christmas quilts!  Sorry I had to mention that, I can hear everyone groaning from here.

I'm off to the shop for my Monday workday.  I'm sure the UPS delivery van has made many stops at the shop over the last week bringing boxes of quilting goodies.

As always,



  1. That's beautiful - and I'm glad you realized the corners needed something ;) Can't wait to see it finished!

  2. It's looking beyond fabulous, Lynn!

  3. Really cute. I love all of the images, but have to say the multi-color geese border and small blocks make it more fun. Can't have too many pumpkins either.

  4. Lynn, all I have to say is "WOW ".
    Have fun at the store.

  5. BOOtiful!! Love this quilt!!

  6. This looks so much like you! It's amazing, but if I hadn't seen this grow on your blog and saw it somewhere else, we'd all know it was your quilt! Amazing Lynn!

  7. Oh, what a great quilt. Love the fabric in the windows and the plaid around them. Too cute!