Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer = Company

Hello Everyone,

Summer means company at the cabin.  The cabin gets a lot of use year-round, but the reservation book (my calendar) fills up quickly in the summertime.

Yesterday was cleaning day, and moving the quilts around day.  This quilt was a kit the I bought at The Quilt House in Gardnerville, NV several years ago.  It was their published contribution to Quilt Sampler magazine, when their shop was one of the top 10 shops in the country.

I shook out the spiders and dust and moved this quilt into our room.  No wonder my dreams are about quilting.....I'm surrounded by them!

I put Midnight Star on the old surveyors table for a change.  Mr. Joe had pieces of glass cut to make shelves for the sled on the wall.  Everything gets re-purposed at our house! (Maybe I can repurpose Mr. Joe!)  The big round wooden cheese wheel is going to house fat quarters one of these days, just like the tool box next to it.

We hung another quilt up in one of the guest room behind the bed.  Now whoever sleeps in this cozy room will be in stitches all night.

We found this vintage, surveryors measuring pole a few years ago.  My idea was to display a quilt on it.  I finally got around to using it.

Back to cleaning and pattern writing for me today.  Nothing new to show on October Magic unless you want to see pages of directions and scribbled notes.  Maybe you can figure out my notes because I sure can't.  If I ever write a book about quilting, (the book proposal is on my computer), it will revolve around cabin life.  I have lots and lots of ideas, I just need to get them out of my brain and into the computer.  Since it takes me forever to write one pattern, it will take me years and years to get a book pulled together.  So don't look for it anytime soon in your local quilt shop.

Move your quilts around. Let them get a new view of the world and enjoy a new perspective on life.  It is good for them and for you.  I'm off to decipher my notes now.

As always,



  1. Your cabin looks wonderfully inviting!! Your lucky company!!

  2. What beautiful quilts you have decorated your lovely cabin with . Your cabin looks so warm and cozy. Your guest will feel right a home

  3. whoever comes will definitely feel at home. it is beautiful.

  4. I bet if your cabin was a B&B that it would be filled to overflowing all year long - no wait - it already is, isn't it! The rooms are so warm and cozy and I just adore your Jim Shore snowmen in the master! Is that one of your designs hanging over the guest bed? Wonder how Mr. Joe feels about being re-purposed - he might like a change of pace - lol!

  5. Lynn, what beautiful and inviting touches, must be hard for your guests to leave.I know I wouldn't want to.

  6. Lynn your cabin is beautiful. The quilts richly warm each room. So inviting!!