Sunday, June 3, 2012

Country Charmer is Quilted

Hello Everyone,

I've sequestered myself away the last few days to finish quilting Country Charmer.  This quilt is going to be so much fun to add to the decorations at Christmas. 

I'll get the binding and hanging sleeve on it this week, and then I can chalk up another quilt in the finished column.

You can see why it took me a couple of days to get this one done.  The quilting is quite dense.

I took a break one day and went to Cloth and Quilts in Turlock, CA.  It is a great shop....the only problem is that it is a 1-1/2 drive from my home.  We were in a town nearby for our granddaughter's 5th grade graduation, so we took a detour to this wonderful quilt shop.

Great selection from the walls filled with color!  They also have quite a few plaids, checks, polka dots and stripes.

There's a great selection of threads too.

The book room is so welcoming.  Hundreds of books to choose while you curl up in one of the comfortable chairs.

The shop also has a big and bright classroom.

So if you are out and about, make a detour to downtown Turlock and visit Cloth and Quilts.  If you like antiques, this is the town for you too.  There are several large antique shops that are great for browsing.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend. 

As always,



  1. Country Charmer is beautiful. You quilted it so nicely, and I especially love the cross-hatch in the sashing.

  2. Beautiful. Your home must be amazing at Christmas time.

    OH polka dots, DD had a love for polka dots when she was younger.

  3. Your quilt is beautiful. Love the quilting.

  4. I love how it turned out, Lynn! Great inspiration both from the quilting and the quilter ;>) The quilt shop is the kind of detour I love - I might even want to get lost there!

  5. OMGosh the quilt turned out beautiful.....I think we are following each other....we were in Turlock yesterday....I'm bummed I did not get to go to the quilt shop.....

  6. What a wonderful quilt Lynn. It's just lovely.


  7. Stunning as always! I have a quilt lined up to do a dense quilting on. You have inspired me to take that thanks...I think!! lol

  8. While I believe that frequently the quilting makes the quilt, Country Charmer is as beautiful as the quilting!! I am anxious to get my kit as soon as they appear at In Between Stitches!!

  9. Beautiful finish to the quilt...I love the sashing and how it work in with the blocks.
    wow, what a great shop!

  10. Country Charmer is a beautifully pieced and quilted. Thanks for pics of the quilt shop!

  11. Your quilt is amazing! The way you quilted it makes it just pop.
    Love it!

  12. Country Charmer looks just wonderful. I love it anyway, but your quilting just makes me love it even more.

  13. As always your quilting is so lovely! The border motif is great. You always inspire me. Kind regards, Rowena