Saturday, June 9, 2012

Christmas Quilt Along June - Post #2

Hello Everyone,

Harleigh made enough pancakes to feed all the neighbors, all the critters in the forest and us!  The pancakes were filled with chocolate chips and blueberries!

Back to quilting.  After we sewed the strips together, we cut them all apart.

Then sewed them all back together again in a different arrangement.

We are making mittens.  I made some a few months ago and I thought this would be a perfect project for Harleigh and me to make together.

She thought this was very stressful, cutting very carefully around the mittens.

Check back again for more on our progress.

As always,



  1. Ohhhhh...I'm LOVING this!! Can't wait to see what you are making!!!!

  2. Oh yes, I remember the mittens. They were great. The pancakes look wonderful too.

  3. Harleigh is a great cook. Those pancakes look super! I love the mittens. Looks like you and Harleigh have had a wonderful day.

  4. Hi Lynn! I just wanted to let you know that I just saw your two quilts at the Carson Valley Quilt Show today and, Oh My! They are just outstanding in person! I've always loved the pictures I've seen of them, but an up close look is the best. I just can't believe how TINY those little baskets are on Party In The Garden - Yikes!!! And your quilting is just fantastic on Madrigal! Gorgeous, gorgeous quilts! It was a real treat to see them up close!!

  5. P.S. And Harleigh's pancakes look so yummy that I'm trying not to drool!!

  6. What a stack of pancakes! Harleigh looks very pleased. Look forward to seeing the mittens.

  7. Oh neat I wondered when I saw your fabrics, but you have a good eye those turned out great with the staggered look. Looks like the cutting around the mittens is going fine.

  8. You and Harleigh are having so much fun! Those are my kind of pancakes and can't wait to see those mittens!

  9. I like that you have involved a young girl into the sewing fun. I remember the good times I had playing with fabric when I was a child.