Saturday, June 9, 2012

Christmas Quilt Along June - Post #4

Hello Everyone,

This is the last post of the day for the Christmas Quilt Along. Thank you Paulette for being our hostess.  I think we all gained a couple of pounds just reading your recipe for Nanaimo Bars!

Five mittens almost done.....four more to go.  We have to make more yo-yo's to sew on each of them.

I finished the binding on Country Charmer.  I hung it over a ladder and leaned it up against a pine tree.  This quilt will head to the shop this week and go on display until Christmas......then she's all mine!  I'll bring her home and put her to work decorating the cabin.

Harleigh and I had a great time today.  We are so lucky to have such a wonderful, bright and cheerful granddaughter.  She does have ONE fault.  She beat us at Rumikub every night last week.  Not only beat, severely trounced is a better description!  Rummikub is a great game that the whole family loves to play.  Well, we used to love to play it!

As always,



  1. Hey Harleigh and Lynn, you two make a terrific, sewing duo! Your mittens are adorable! Harleigh, I think you might be just as talented as your grandma, and I look forward to seeing what you make in the future! Too bad Mr. Squash and I weren't hanging out in the forest to help you with the scrumptious looking pancakes!

  2. Your mittens look wonderful!! I'm positive that one day Harleigh will tell her own granddaughter about the time her and her grandma made mittens together!! Making memories is a wonderful thing!! You done good!

  3. What a successful day you had! So nice to see your projects embracing the great outdoors!

  4. I absolutely love the quilt and seeing it finished is making me think I must get on with choosing fabrics to make one before Christmas.

  5. I love that quilt! I hope I can get up to the shop when I go to the quilt show in October.

  6. Country Charmer is breathtaking - and those mittens are just fabulous! The great outdoors makes a brilliant backdrop to show off your hard work - well done both!