Monday, June 18, 2012

More Peeks of October Magic

Hello Everyone,

Just a few more peaks at October Magic. I managed to grab a few minutes here and there before the birthday party and made a flock of geese.  The borders are not attached to the center yet, as I still have to finish the applique section.

I have some of my best quilting ideas when I'm out walking Zinnie.  Last Wednesday I decided to scrap the black border and have flying geese circle the center section.  The geese are taking all of the fall colors south with them for the winter. (Mr. Joe thinks I'm a real whack job when I come  up with symbology like this.....what does he know!)

There is magic going on inside the little house.  The witch is brewing up a potion that is so strong, the ghost has to escape through the chimney! (Mr. Joe is rolling his eyes again....with exaggerated ocular rotation.)  My ghost was a little pale, so I embroidered around it with gray floss.  She needs eyes too.

I think it was a good idea to set this new design aside for a few months.  It wasn't always working for me.....until now!  I'm enjoying the applique process, along with the piecing.  Those geese flew together four at a time, and I had 84 geese circling in my sewing room in no time.  The bundle of candy corn fabric by Andover worked perfectly for the geese.  The colors couldn't have been any better.

I'm off to the shop this morning for my Monday workday.  Tomorrow is the second session of the Madrigal class. I know you girls have been working hard on your blocks and I'm anxious to see them.

Brew up a little magic in your sewing room today.  May you have stars in your windows and a ghost coming out of your chimney!

As always,



  1. Love the design and your symbology.

  2. You're such a tease!
    I'm loving it, and all the symbology that comes with it.

  3. This quilt is just adorable ! Just love all your flying geese :-D

  4. Mr. Joe really just doesn't want to admit how cute and clever your symbology is, Lynn ;>) I love that you made the front door from purple fabric - a color I'd love to put on the Squash House front door, but Mr. Squash would be joining Mr. Joe with the eye rolling!! The cornerstone fabric is so perfect along with the ghostly geese!

  5. I love the ghost, but really, what is up with Mr Joe that he can't see the reasoning behind what's going on in the quilt?