Monday, June 11, 2012

Forget Me Not

Hello Everyone,

I attached the label to Country Charmer last night.  After I made my label in Word, I ran it off in an inkjet printer on Printed Treasures paper and then bound it with some of the left over binding.

I use the same label design on all of my quilts.  It says, "Forget Me Not" in the bouquet of flowers.  I also put my name, date and name of the quilt.

I love this quote by Laura Ingalls Wilder,

"Let us make memories carefully of all good things, rejoicing in the wonderful truth that while we are laying up for ourselves the very sweetest and best of happy memories, we are at the same time giving them to others." 
The past week we made so many memories with our granddaughter, Harleigh.  She was with me when I finished this quilt.  Someday one of my grandchildren or great-grandchildren will have this quilt in their home....and the message will always be the same.....forget me not.....and the wonderful memories we shared together.


Make some sweet memories today and every day of your life.

As always,



  1. What a wonderful sentiment and what a great idea! Now if my quilts would only look as beautiful as yours.......

    PS I catch my breath each time I look at your Country Charmer quilt - I just love it and I'm so glad I got the pattern!

  2. Hi Lynn, Words really can't describe this quilt beautiful incredible etc etc. Maybe because Harleigh helped with Country Charmer someday she will have it and the memories that go with it? Just saying as a thought. Always enjoy your blog everyday. Debbie DE

  3. Exquisite. I LOVE the label!