Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Madrigal Class is in Session

Hello Everyone,

The girls worked hard last month and accomplished so much between each session of Madrigal.  By the end of the day, Barbara had all of her blocks together on the wall, and the rest of the rows were together on the table.

Gail has just one more seam to finish on her quilt and the top and bottom will become ONE. She decided not to make the applique section for her quilt, and it looks like an entirely different pattern.  I love it!  She also decided to add an extra row to the bottom for additional length.

Karen has all of her blocks finished and is now working on the appliqued basket of flowers.  The rows have their pink sticky notes and are ready to go into rows.

This red and white check flange is just too cute!  It is just perfect for her blocks.

Kay decided to change the colors of her blocks, and go for a more muted tone.  She is going to move some of these blocks to the back of the quilt, and some will make the final cut and remain on the front.  She had fun shopping! Kay is going to make a smaller version, just right for a wallhanging.

Sylvia had little baggies of blocks ready for sewing and she finished sixteen blocks yesterday.  She said she met all of her sewing expectations during the class.

She wasn't going to put the flanges on her setting triangles.  I talked her into it.....and the results looked so good!  So flanges it is!

Now this is one nice looking design wall! 

The girls did such a great job and I'm so proud of them.  They've transformed my pattern into beautiful quilts.  They gave me boose gumps.  (That's what our family calls goose bumps.)  We decided to have one more session so the girls can get their borders on and scallops marked.  You haven't see the last of these beauties!

As always,



  1. Each quilt is going to be so unique. How fun to see the different ways each of the ladies is making theirs. Love it !

  2. Beautiful quilts in the making.

  3. I love seeing how each quilter has their own vision for your design, Lynn! Every one is fantastic and I'm so happy to hear we'll get to see more!

  4. looks fun. I really like the center block.

  5. Love seeing everyone's blocks....The flange really does set the triangles beautifully.
    Also love the centre sq in the 9 patches...

  6. As always, there's some wonderful work going on. I'm looking forward to seeing them next month with the borders on.

  7. Love all the quilts ........everyone is doing such a good job......I wish I lived closer and could join in the fun.....maybe you will teach at Bearly quilting sometime.....