AARTI Number 2 Block

This is the tutorial for the second block in A Ribbon Runs Through It.  You will be making (8) of them, and they are a piece of cake compared to the first 16 blocks! 

I will only be referring to the letter of the piece, not the size.  It wouldn't be fair to everyone who has already purchased the pattern if I give away the sizes that need to be cut.

I always begin by starching my fabric with Heavy Duty Faultless spray starch.  I have this wonderful old-fashioned clothes dryer above the bathtub.  It is out of the way and is actually a working dryer.  I use it all the time for my "unmentionables"!  And yes, I have quilts on display in all of the bathrooms.

I thoroughly spray the fabric until it is soaked.  I let it dry before I even think about ironing it.  You could bounce a quarter off of it.....that is just how much starch I use.

Then make a strip unit using Piece F and D. Press toward the dark red fabric.

Cut it into the following pieces.  You will need to cut (4) of the larger sections and (24) of the smaller sections.  Refer to the size to cut on page 22 of your pattern.

Place them on the BLS.

Then stitch them together.  You will make (4) of the larger sections.  I do this with the seams in the back to reduce bulk.

Make (8) sections like this.

Then using a Sewline or any kind of glue stick, adhere them to the BLS in the correct orientation.

Now you will make the Flying Geese using Piece G and Piece B.  

Place (2) Piece B's, the green on top of Piece G.  Mark on a stitching line on both sides of the Omnigrid 1/4" ruler.
Stitch on the lines.
Cut apart between the lines.

Now place another B like this, and mark again, stitch directly on the lines.  Press toward the green.

Cut them apart.

You will have four Flying Geese.

Trim with the same ruler you used when you made your first 16 blocks.

Voila!  Perfect Flying Geese.

Glue to your BLS.  Notice I've added the other squares and rectangles to the BLS.  This is quickly turning into one nice looking block!

Now you will make (16) Half-Square Triangles.  Begin with (2) Piece C's and (2) Piece I's.

Use a 1/4" ruler and mark corner to corner.

AFTER, you've stitched on the lines, cut like this.  Vertically first.

Then cut horizontally.

 The cut vertically.

Trim with a Bloc-Loc Ruler.  I always place the letters upside down when I cut to make sure I'm trimming correctly.

Adhere to the BLS in the correct orientation.  I really like the look of this block.

I purchased a new quilter's clapper that has a wool pressing bar.  I LOVE IT!  I press my seams either open or not, then put them under the clapper.  The combination of the starch, the wool pressing mat, the wool on the clapper, and the clapper on top of the component are the best!  My seams are flat!

The next tutorial will be the sashing.  Don't worry, it's easier than you ever thought possible.



  1. This is my first quilt along. I'm getting ready to go into panic mode. I thought we were supposed to make 5 blocks not 16! The material we received for month 1 is supposed to make 16 blocks? Thanks, Rosanna

    1. Hi Rosanna,
      Month #1 makes only four blocks. I posted the tutorial for the other block in the quilt because some people purchased kits, and they have completed the first 16 blocks. Do not panic....you are fine.

    2. Thank goodness!I thought how in the world am I supposed to make 16 blocks from this?! I'm in such big trouble!:) Thanks, Rosanna

    3. Mrs.Lynn, I'm totally confused. I thought block 2 looked just like the first 4 and we were supposed to make 4. I'm sorry, this is my 1st quilt along. I cut the material out like month 2 block 5 am I wrong? Looking for clarification before I cut or sew anything else. Sorry for the trouble.
      Thanks, Rosanna

    4. Dear Rosanna,
      Just follow along with your pattern. This post is for the second block in the quilt NOT month #2. You will not be receiving the fabric for this block until month #5. I posted it early as some quilters have complete kits and aren't doing a block of the month program.

  2. Another beautiful interesting block.

  3. When (date) will the sashing tutorial be available?

    1. Thank you for asking, Kay. I have all of the pictures taken, I just need to pull them together in a post. I will try to get it done by 4/10.

  4. Mrs. Lynn, thank you for the clarification!
    Thanks, Rosanna Mize

  5. So excited! I have completed the first 16 blocks!!

    1. The hardest part is over! The other blocks are much easier. Congratulations.

    2. Just finished the blocks for May! The grid for the blocks are invaluable and ingenious!!!!

    3. Thats me Penelope

  6. So excited to be starting month 5 blocks and so happy to see that they will be easier. I really like a challenge so I did love the first 16 blocks but it is nice to get a break and do something a bit easier.

  7. There is so much leftover fabric from the first 16 blocks. I think I only used one piece of fabric from the last fabric kit I received. I feel terrible wasting fabric and paying for fabric I don’t need. I love the quilt and have enjoyed the process, though.

    1. I will be posting a tutorial of what you can make with the fabric which is leftover. I'm glad you had too much fabric instead of not enough. Some quilters made mistakes and it was tight. It is always a fine balance.

  8. Just making the blocks for month 5; On page 22, step three, Flying Geese, there is the following statement in BIG, BOLD letters: “DO NOT ADD THE LAST SET OF SKY”. I don’t see this referenced anywhere in this write up….could you explain, please? And, thank you! 😊

    1. Thank you for asking this question. This means that you are not making double flying geese as you did in the first four months. Just follow along with the tutorial, and you will be fine.