Saturday, May 28, 2016

Memorial Day Weeked

Hello Everyone,
Some days are perfect, and yesterday was one of those days.  The girls and I went down to Snowflake Lake and they dove right in!  Kinsey made grotesque sounds that I've not heard come out of her mouth in the last 13 years as she came sputtering up out of the water.  They were freezing!  Maybe that's why no one else was brave enough to dive in.  Once they made it out to the raft and got warm in the sun, they didn't want to get back in the water.  Only the threat of darkness got them to dive in and swim to shore to the comfort and warmth of their beach towels.

The crisp mountain air, the chilly water, a pickup basketball game, ping pong, and lots of walking through the forest sent them to bed early as they were too tired to play board games.  (Grammy was tired too, but I wasn't about to admit it to them!)

Now I can add Lifeguard to the many hats that I wear.  Good luck with me saving anyone in peril!  In my defense, back in the day, I taught swimming lessons during the summer at the public pool in Paradise.  Also back in the day I had a figure that didn't mind parading around the pool.....and the whistle on the lanyard didn't cover up too much!

More family coming up today means more fun in the frigid water.  Maybe a board game or three and lots of time to cook outdoors.

Stay safe,

Friday, May 27, 2016

Lil' Orphan Scrappy

Hello Everyone,
Now that Quilt Market is in my rearview mirror, I can kick back and leisurely work on anything I feel like working on.  Today I decided to start putting my Lil' Orphan Scrappy BOM together.

I'm slowly selecting the fabrics down at the shop for the corner triangles.  The eight blocks you see here will be in the top row.  Over the next few weeks, I'll be selecting more fabrics for the corners to make this one really scrappy.

Those of you in the BOM program will be receiving the exact same fabrics that I've used.  I'll be making up a master layout sheet for you.....but not this week. 

I also have a building project in the works.  This little foundation pieced block is only 4" square.

I added it to the rest of the neighborhood surrounded by skyscrapers.....the 6" blocks.  The foundation and rotary cutting directions are HERE.

I received some exciting news about Butterscotch Baskets this week.  She is going to pack herself up and ship herself off to Quilt Haven on Main in Hutchison, Minnesota.  This is the home quilt shop for Thimbleberries designer Lynette Jensen.  Butterscotch is a mountain girl, so she will fit right in to the Minnesota lifestyle.

After she stays there for a few months, she's headed to Australia!  I don't know where in Australia, but I'd better get her a passport! My baby is going to be a world traveler while her mom stays back in the States.  Kids these days, you raise them, give them wings and they fly away.

This Memorial Day weekend is going to be spent with the family so you won't be hearing much from me as we will have a house full of kids, and grandkids.  If the water isn't too cold, (which it will be) the kids will probably be in the lake this weekend. The lake is filled with the water from the Spring thaw.....chilly! They will have goose bumps on their goose bumps.  I have to clear away my quilting from the dining room table to make room for games, games and more games.  It is so nice that cell phones don't work in the mountains.  Everyone stays engaged with each other and not their phone.

Be safe out there this weekend.


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sewn Wild Oaks Class Was In Session

Hello Everyone,

I have pictures to share from my last two Sew'n Wild Oaks classes.  I was so busy getting ready for Market that I didn't have time for a I have some catching up to do.

First up is Pat's sampler quilt from the blocks she made right out of my Patchwork Math book.  Pat tackled this project on her own by watching my videos on The Quilt and using the book.  Great work Pat!

Gail is working right along on her Lil' Orphan Scrappy blocks.  They will all be done before long.

Isabelle is just about finished with all of her appliqued blocks for Harvest of Hope.  I have a great appreciation for all of her hard work on this quilt.

Barbara has started in on her Heritage quilt.  From across the room, her blocks had a lacy look to them.

Barbara works on more than one block at a time by laying out the pieces on the enclosed block layout sheet.  You have to stay on your toes with this pattern because there are several directional fabrics included in the kit.

Now we have a parade of Walk in the Park quilts designed by Kim Diehl.  This is Suzanne's super-sized version.  Stunning!!  It is so interesting to look at the different versions of the same pattern.  My girls are putting their own "spin" on it.

Irene loves teal and framed all of her blocks with the same fabric.

Karen framed her blocks in black.

Jan is framing her quilt in orange/gold. 

Patty is mixing up her frames.

Pat is working on her blocks.  
Evelynne is working on the doll for Toyland Tree

She added some very special "Evelynnesque" touches with the embroidered face and bib.  Such a cute little bonnet too.

Mary is a wonderful new addition to our group.  What a delight to have her in class and she charmed us with some of her almost finished creations.  This quilt is called Christmas Windows.

Hand quilted folks!

The grand finale is Suzanne's finished Once Upon a Vine.  WOW!

Such rich colors and accurate piecing!

I love spending the day with my girls. At the end of the day you are renewed, inspired, and ready to tackle anything!


Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Quilting Fire Hydrant

Hello Everyone,
My head came out of the quilty clouds when the plane landed and I returned back to earth Friday.  As someone said, Quilt Market is like drinking from a fire hydrant.  I am filled to the brim with inspiration, gratitude, and a bit of relief now that my Schoolhouse session is over and was successful.
This gorgeous display was in front of the RJR booth.  It was created by wrapping all of their new fabrics around different sized books. So clever and eye-catching.

My Butterscotch Baskets quilt was finally on display in the RJR booth after being showcased in two seminars.

Now the exciting news........drum roll......beginning in November you can make a Butterscotch Baskets identical to my version through Stitchin' Heaven.  Click HERE for details.  I thought it might be offered since the owner of Stitchin' Heaven wanted it for her 2-hour seminar on Blocks of the Month.  I didn't find out for sure until I opened my email Friday morning and saw it on their website.
After seeing so many, MANY gorgeous quilts at Market, I feel truly blessed that one of my quilts was selected by their shop.  I guess all of the hours spent at the sewing machine and in front of the computer writing the BOM pattern are starting to pay off.
Gail and I had only a few hours to go through the entire exhibit.....because I had to get home so I could attend my grandson's Little League playoff games on Saturday.  I have my priorities.  Family first.  I won't tell you the outcome, I'll just say that the season is now over for them.  Both little boys personally had great games, but it takes a team to advance to the next round.
Back to Market.  The Moda area was so attractive.  So much eye candy wherever you looked.

Here I am with Jo Morton.  Gail was over the moon excited to meet Jo.  Such a sweet lady.

Her new line will be coming out soon.  I LOVED it!! 

We walked around the corner and there's Alma Allen from Blackbird Designs.  Another gracious designer who spent a lot of time talking with us.  I bought their new book called The Raven. What a fun and whimsical quilt to make for Autumn.

The line of fabric is gorgeous!

Gail and I started our morning having breakfast with the VP of Sales, Pati, from Marcus Fabrics.  Pati is my contact at Marcus, and she is the person who sends me the most gorgeous fabrics that I use to design.  What a fun way to start the day.
Of course we went back to the Marcus booth to see some of the new quilts in their display area. This beauty is the Mill Girls pattern made with Christmas fabrics.  Another winner by Nancy Rink.

I couldn't get enough of seeing my quilt on display.  The Marcus displays were over the top attractive.

The quilt on the right is Bird Walk by my buddy Lisa Norton.  It is so beautifully displayed!


 This is my new BFF, Pam Buda.  What a doll! 

Since we had "exhibitor" written on our badges, we were able to get inside the LARGE exhibit area prior to opening and before it got crowded.  Every day we were each getting over 10,000 steps on our Fitbits!

More pictures tomorrow from the Quilt Market fire hydrant of eye candy.  Today I'm going to put away those pesky Eastern decorations that are still hanging around in my living room.  I'm going to clean my sewing room and start creating!


Friday, May 20, 2016

I Day in the Life of a Quilter

Hello Everyone,
What a day, what a wonderful day at Quilt Market.

Gail and I have been getting up early every morning and heading over to the Salt Palace for all of the festivities.  It's a massive convention center with unique construction.

First up yesterday was Butterscotch Baskets appearance during Deb Luttrell's talk about Blocks of the Month.  Deb is the owner of Stitchin' Heaven, the largest provider of BOM programs in the United States.  We attended her very informative 2-hour talk on how to run a successful BOM.  Maybe, just maybe they will offer my quilt on their website.  They made the request to RJR Fabrics to show the quilt during their session, so I'm hopeful.

Then it was my turn to speak in my Schoolhouse session.  My fear was no one would attend my session as I had some stiff competition during my time slot.  Not to worry, I had a nice group of people from all over the world attend my talk.  I must have said something right since I was approached by the largest distributor in Australia after my talk. My first shipment sails for Australia next week!

Then look who I run into.....Kim Diehl!!  What a sweet lady.  I told her about my Let's Make A Diehl class and she laughed.

Our exhibitor badges got us in to the exhibitor floor prior to today's opening.  Here was Karen Styles at her booth.  The pattern for the fabulous quilt behind me is now safely tucked away in my suitcase. Karen was delightful.

Then Gail and I went to Pam Buda's Schoolhouse session and I won a pincushion made by Pam!  Pam is a designer for Marcus Fabrics and she has a wonderful blog HERE.  I felt as though I had know Pam for years.  What a sweetheart and such a kind person.

I LOVED Pam's new block of the month.

Then dinner and off to Temple Square.  As you can see, a storm is blowing in.

We hit the music jackpot last night while we listened to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearse.  They are preparing for Memorial Day, and sang patriotic songs paying tribute to all of the armed forces.  When they started singing God Bless the USA, I had to get out a tissue. It was an incredible evening topping off a terrific day.

While we were listening to the rehearsal, the storm clouds finally let loose of some rain.  We walked to a nearby station to catch our light transit train back to our hotel.  Nothing, I repeat nothing could dampen our spirits.

This morning we are having breakfast with the VP of Sales for Marcus Fabrics so I have to scoot.  Right after breakfast we will "walk the floor" for a couple of hours then we catch our plane home late this afternoon.

We've had a fabulous four days here in Salt Lake City.  It has been a very memorable, and possibly life changing experience.


Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Very Full Day

Hello Everyone,

It is only 6:15pm Wednesday night and we are back in our hotel room for the night.  I would take a picture of Gail sound asleep on the couch, but she might shoot me if I posted it.  This beautiful bouquet of flowers greeted us in the entrance hall downstairs this morning.  Gorgeous!

Our day started with a nice breakfast with our cousins, and a scenic tour of some of the impressive areas of Salt Lake City.

 There are beautiful iris growing everywhere around the city.

 First stop, Pine Needles quilt shop. Beautiful displays, very colorful, and modern style.

 Second stop, Elaine's Quilt.  This shop was right up my alley.

Then we headed over to the Salt Palace, the location for Quilt Market.  Since we had exhibitor badges, we were allowed into the exhibitor area.  We dodged fork lifts and boxes and found our way around the hall.

It was full of huge crates and people unpacking and arranging.  I'm sure many of them are going to pull an all-nighter.
We turned a corner and there was Heritage, in the Christmas area of the Marcus Fabrics booth.

She is looking very good already and they aren't finished by any means.

Lisa, also another employee at In Between Stitches has her Birdwalk quilt on display!!  I was so excited to see Lisa's quilt.  What are the chance that two designers from the same shop have a quilt in the same booth at Market!

Now, I'm trying not to totally freak out......but I'm speaking right after Jinny Beyer.  JINNY BEYER!!! 

Now I'm starting to get nervous, so we went to Temple Square for inspiration, tranquility, and a few prayers.  Thursday night we are not going to attend Sample Spree.  Instead, we are going to watch a rehearsal of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  I'm expecting to leave the rehearsal totally refreshed and awestruck.

More to come.