Thursday, November 13, 2008

Miss Daisy Continued

Dear Quilters,

By now you have probably received your first bundle of fabric for Blossoms of Friendship. (Hope you like it as much as I do!) I took my Delightful Quilts in Bloom book to my local Kinko's and had them make all of the enlargements. They cut the binding off of the book and very carefully removed the pages I needed to have enlarged.....from the twelve baskets layout to the border.

I'm enclosing images of the border flowers that you will be creating also this month in addition to Miss Daisy. Don't forget when you make your border flowers that you need to make four of each...two reversed and two not-reversed.

The first flower includes pieces C1-4 and A38-40.

The yellow flower includes pieces A75-79.

The purple includes pieces A59-66 and don't forget #58 the leaf below.

Last but not least, pieces A6-11.

Remember our goal.....let's try to keep current and work on the border each month while making the baskets of flowers.

As always,

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Miss Daisy - Month #1

Dear Quilters,

Welcome to the first blog that begins the Blossoms of Friendship Block of the Month Program for In Between Stitches located in Livermore, California.

I'm excited about this block of the month for several reasons. For starters, the quilt is fabulous! When I first saw the design in Delightul Quilts in Bloom by Mary Ross and Barbara Scheu, I knew I was going to make it. I suggested to Melissa Emery, co-owner of IBS, that we offer Blossoms of Friendship as a BOM program....and to my delight she agreed.

I work at IBS on for the last few weeks, since July 28th to be exact, I've been selecting, cutting and kitting fabric for this beautiful quilt. In my spare time I've been stitching and I'm up to block number seven!

Each month I will post an image of my block for you to follow. If you want to make substitutions of some of your own fabric, then by all means, make this quilt yours...unique to you. I'm including enough fabric each month so you can also make some of the flowers for the border. My goal is to have the border flowers all made by the time we get to block #12. I'll post the border flowers that I made for Month #1 next week.

I started a binder with dividers and plastic sleeves to hold all of my fabric for each month. I suggest that you may want to do this also. We will be using some of the same fabrics throughout the duration of the program, so stay organized! (I'll post a picture of my binder that is overflowing!) My binder travels with me wherever I go. I've made so many border flowers that I had to start another binder just for the border......I'll post images of that one also.
We are starting with Miss Daisy and your package of fabric is stunning. I have more fun putting these monthly packages together! Some months will contain more fabrics that others as we progress through the program.

So welcome to Blossoms of Friendship. Thank you for signing up for the program. We are starting a journey together and our destination is the completion of a treasured heirloom quilt.

As always,