Thursday, April 28, 2011

Guest Blogger.....Harleigh

Hi I'm Harleigh

I'm at the cabin sewing yo yos.  I'm on spring break.  My dad helped cut down the tree that fell.  Grammy and I burned the branches that were on the ground.  Today Poppy and I went to the new bakery and got a loaf of bread and doughnuts.  Goodbye.

Hello Everyone,

The best thing about the tree falling down is that we now have front row seats around the campfire for marshmallow toasting.

Thanks to our son and Harleigh, most of the tree mess is gone.  Not quite sure what we are going to do with the stump.

We don't think we broke any child labor laws over the past few days!  Harleigh and I would only play Lumberjack-ets for about four hours a day.  Then we would get cleaned up, fix lunch, and turn to a more genteel job of quilting.
As always,

Lynn (Grammy)

Monday, April 25, 2011

New Version of Party in the Garden

Hello Everyone,

It's time to roll out the new version of my Party in the Garden pattern.  This version is going to be offered as a Block of the Month at one of the local quilt shops in California.  I'll be posting all of the details about this BOM very soon.

There is just a hint on embroidery, and a flange or two of course!

There are also the little 'hexy' flowers which have become an addiction of mine.  They are just so cute.

This version will incorporate more red and less pink. It will also include lots of checks and polka dots for the same welcoming look and feel as the first version.  I seem to be making two of everything lately!

Check back for more information about this new BOM.

I hope you all have a wonderful week quilting to your hearts content.

As always,


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Minglewood Monday - Arrow Crown Block #1

Hello Everyone,

I decided on the final placement of the fabric for the first two blocks for the Minglewood Monday quilt. This is the same block, using the same five fabrics switched around.  Two completed, thirty more to go!  The directions in the Four Seasons at Minglewood book are well-written and concise.  Melissa and I will work out the details of this BOM on Monday, and we'll let you know our plans.

I like the intricacy of this block.  I'll warn you now, they take a fair bit of time to sew together....correctly.  It would be so easy to turn a half square triangle the wrong way and throw the whole pattern off.  I will be working every color of the Civil War rainbow into this quilt.  It is also going to be very interesting to see what new fabric lines are coming down the pike, and work them in over the next nine/ten months of quiltmaking. 

Busy day here getting ready for Easter.  Sometimes I don't know what possess us when we decide to do something fairly major to the house before a big event.  In this case, it is a small kitchen fresher-upper.  A whole kitchen facelift was not in the budget......just an injection of botox.  Mr. Joe installed canned lights, replacing the old fluorescent lights that have been there for the past forty plus years.  That meant crown molding around the whole unit.  Then we decided to paint the old cabinets.  The paint color is called "fluffy biscuit"...which made us chuckle, perfect for a kitchen!  So we now have new lights and half of the cabinets are painted.  We still have to do the counter top, sink and bottom cabinets.  That is not going to get done today!  Over the next few weeks we'll get to the rest of the kitchen.  We still have a 122 foot tree to remove at the cabin.  The fun/work just never stops!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!

As always,


Friday, April 22, 2011

New Block of the Month Program Starting Soon

Hello Everyone,

I started working on the first block in the Four Seasons at Minglewood Book today.  The owner of In Between Stitches and I are working out the details for the new block of the month program.  We are going to call it Minglewood Monday.  I'll let you know all of the details next week on how and when you can sign up if you are interested.  The blocks are 12" and the finished size quilt is 101" x 101".  There are 32 blocks in the quilt.  There are 15 different block patterns in the book, so we will be making two of each block, then we'll  make 2 more of our favorites to make the total number of blocks add up to 32.  There is a center applique section with big pieces....don't not afraid! 

I will be selecting and cutting all of the fabric for the program on my work day.....Minglewood Monday!   The book showcases a beautiful  Christmas quilt, but I've decided to make mine in Civil War fabric. (Since I'm already making two Christmas quilts).  It is incredible how you can change the look of the block by moving the fabric around on the design wall.

All of these are the exact same block.  I've just interchanged some of the colors to create a whole different look and feel.

I can accentuate the black forming arrows.....or not.

I'll probably decide on my final placement and sew the two blocks together tomorrow.

This is the fabric that started all of the creative juices flowing.  It's funny that I had decided which way I was going to stitch my two blocks together, until I posted the pictures.  Now I can't decide what to do!  Oh well, check out the blog tomorrow and you'll see which way my blocks came together.  

This will be a good exercise in piecing precision over the next few months. The directions in the book are well written and you will become experts in flying geese, and half square triangles.  Some blocks are more complex than others and it is going to be intriguing playing with the colors and placement! The shop has a large selection of Civil War fabric for me to choose from.....this is going to be fun!  I'll post the BOM information for you soon. 
As always,


P.S. My cousin Melody is doing well.  She's a real super trooper!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another Summer's Blush Quilt is Finished

Hello Everyone,

Does this quilt look familiar? You have seen bits and pieces of it over the past couple of months from my class for Summer's Blush. Lisa finished her fabulous quilt! I love it when I get pictures of finished projects.  Lisa is a "finisher".  She doesn't like to start on a new project until the current one is complete.  I think I could learn a lot from her!

The flanges and flowers are so cute.  Lisa chose to make one large flower using the 1" hexagon papers instead of three flowers that use the 1/2" hexagon papers.

Beautiful choice of color that represent Summer so well.

Oops!  How did Lisa's little dog get in here?  This picture made me smile, so of course I have to show you too.

I love everything about Lisa's quilt.  From the polka dots to the flanges to the border fabric that the class voted on.

In case you were wondering, Lisa said she spent about 85 hours making this quilt.  I think it was time well spent! I've never kept track of how much time I spend on a quilt.  I have kept track of how much time I spend machine quilting which adds up to days of time.  But, the way I look at it, I'm creating heirlooms for the next generation to cherish....and you can't put a time or dollar amount on that intangible quality.

Your pictures made my day Lisa!  You've created an heirloom.

If anyone if blogland makes one of my patterns, please send me pictures.  I would love to see what quilters are creating across the globe.  Send them to

Have a great week everyone. 

As always,


P.S. I'm off to San Mateo for the next couple of days to be with my cousin Melody, who is recuperating nicely from her double mastectomy surgery.  Great news!  Of the 15 lymph nodes removed, no cancer was present!  The weeks of chemotherapy worked their magic.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Applique needle or pine needle.....that is the question

Hello Everyone,

We made some progress with our tree trimming and clean up.  What a mess....but it could have been so much worse.   Before we started cutting this tree up, it measured 122 feet!  That is going to be lots of firewood in a couple of years.

The rest of the tree is going to be man-handled by our sons.  I enjoy working out in the fresh, crisp air, but this is a little too much for me.  This clean up has severely cut into my quilting time! You know the saying, "I'd rather be quilting!"  I'll take my applique needle any day over all of these pine needles! 

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.

As always,


Friday, April 15, 2011

What I love about quilting

Hello Everyone,

I love to start with a box of box of paints, that I selected carefully with something in mind.  Either a flower, leaf, house, flange, or simply a background for an applique block.  There will always be checks, stripes, and plaids in my paint box!

The colors have to play well together once they are sorted and grouped.

First one flower is born.....
.....then another.  Stripes are selected to be a flange to set all of the blocks 'off'.

Before you know it, I have a whole row of flowers and leaves.  All different.....all special.....all precious.

Then come the smaller flowers gently draped across the front of a house.  A beautiful block is coming to life before my eyes......and I love it.  This is what I love about quilting!

As always,


Thursday, April 14, 2011

If a tree falls in the woods.......

Hello Everyone,

Oh the joys of living part-time in the mountains! We hadn't been to the cabin in a month due to monumental amounts of snow and Mr. Joe's upper respiratory issues. We arrived yesterday to THIS! Did we dodge the tree falling bullet on this one!  I'm so glad we weren't here to see or hear this one topple over.

The downed tree spans the whole width of the cabin and most of the lot.  There are some beautiful Dogwoods buried under there which can be easily replaced.

This is just how close we came to having a new deck and railing. 


Back to my sewing.  It is more fun to operate my Bernina instead of a chain saw!

Take care and watch for falling objects!

As always,


Saturday, April 9, 2011

QAL - Post #3

Last post of the day for the Quilt Along. The company has gone home, so I had time to finish up some other Christmas blocks that I've been working on.

I need to work on some more sashing and cornerpost sections next.  This quilt is a work in progress and I haven't even thought about the borders yet.

Nighty, night everyone.

As always,


QAL - Post #2

Hello Again,

Once I signed up for the Christmas QAL, I received the great instructions for Block #3 from Cathi and dug right in.

I had originally planned on putting candy cane fabric in the center.....but as always, I changed my mind and went for the plaids.  The plaids are in keeping with the country look and feel that I'm trying to achieve.

My goal is to use ONLY the fabric that I have on hand.  A QAL is so much fun and holds you accountable to get a project completed.  I will be so happy next fall knowing that I only made two blocks a month and voila.....a quilt is finished.....painlessly I might add.  I can't wait to see the block instructions for next month!

I have a bit more time to sew before I have to stop and make dinner for the troops....a.k.a. our son and his family.  Have a great day everyone.

As always,


April Christmas Quilt Along - Post #1

Hello Everyone,

Today is the day for the Christmas Quilt Along. Cathi, at Shakerwood Quilts, is organizing the session for this month. Click here to see the list of names of everyone across the globe that is participating in the QAL.  Visit their blogs and you will get some good ideas for Christmas projects.

Here are my blocks for the Scatty Christmas Stars quilt that I made during the past two QAL's.

When I signed up this morning for the QAL, Cathi emailed me the directions for the next block.  I rummaged through my stash and decided to use this fabric.  Check back later to see my progress....if any.....since our son and his family will be here later on today.  When those grandkids arrive, all quilting stops because it is playtime!

Merry Christmas!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Book on the Market!

Hello Everyone,

Busy week here as usual. It began with a day at jury duty on Monday. The court didn't realize that Monday is my day to work at the shop and I had to miss it! I've now served my civil obligation for a year....thank goodness.

A beautiful new book arrived at the shop called Four Seasons at Minglewood by Debbie Roberts.  It is absolutely gorgeous and the designs are everything I love about quilting.  All of the photos for the book were shot at Minglewood Lodge located in Gretna, Nebraska.  After reading this book, I'm ready for a road trip to Nebraska!

This quilt is called Christmas Traditions.  I also think it would looked fabulous in Civil War colors.  You will be seeing more from this wonderful book full of beautiful quilts and ideas.  It is pure eye candy and inspiration.

On the yo yo front........171 down......only 405 to go!  Actually I have more made, but they aren't on the hourglass backing yet.

I'm so motivated by the new book that I think I should write one and have a photo shoot at our cabin.  I'll name my book Quilting at Wilder's Last Resort.  Don't you think it has a nice ring to it?  I have a hard enough time getting a pattern written.....I can't imagine writing a whole book! 

On a personal note.  Back in November I shared information about my cousin Melody and her breast cancer diagnosis.  Over the past four months, she has undergone 6 rounds of chemotherapy to shrink the tumors.  Today she is having a double mastectomy followed by 6 weeks of radiation.  My sister is with her for the next few days, and I'll be with her this weekend.   Melody is like a sister to my sister and me.  She is witty, smart, fun to be with, and always keeps you on your toes when playing card games.  Keep all fingers and toes crossed please.

Enjoy life and this day,


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Things to Come........

Hello Everyone,

Here are a couple of pictures of a new applique design.  I planned to work on Toyland Tree at the cabin this week, but plans changed when Mr. Joe became sick with an upper respiratory "thing" on Tuesday. The poor man spent his week in rotation from the couch to the recliner.

Since all of the Toyland Tree fabric is at the cabin, I had to make an executive decision to work on something else I designed about a year ago.  It's time to roll out some flowers for this incredible spring-like weather we are having in California.

Of course my signature "flange" made it in to this design!   Already I have wonderful ideas for machine quilting in mind.  The Antique Fair collection by Blackbird Designs, has the BEST five little check fabrics that are perfect for flanges. 


Quilters ask me all the time how much fabric I buy.   When it comes to perfect flange material, I buy 1 - 2 yards just to have it in my SABLE (Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy).

Another reason to work on an applique quilt is the fact that I have jury duty next week and I want to take some hand sewing with me along with my yo yo's.  But, maybe if I just sit in the jury selection room making yo yo's, the powers that be will think I'm crazy and I'll be excused!  I'll let you know if that works....or not.

I have been on two juries in my life.  The first was armed robbery and the second was a murder trial.    Sitting in an uncomfortable chair for weeks at a time, processing reams of testimony, is an incredibly draining experience. So, off I go Monday morning to do my civic duty and make yo yo's!

As always,