Thursday, April 14, 2011

If a tree falls in the woods.......

Hello Everyone,

Oh the joys of living part-time in the mountains! We hadn't been to the cabin in a month due to monumental amounts of snow and Mr. Joe's upper respiratory issues. We arrived yesterday to THIS! Did we dodge the tree falling bullet on this one!  I'm so glad we weren't here to see or hear this one topple over.

The downed tree spans the whole width of the cabin and most of the lot.  There are some beautiful Dogwoods buried under there which can be easily replaced.

This is just how close we came to having a new deck and railing. 


Back to my sewing.  It is more fun to operate my Bernina instead of a chain saw!

Take care and watch for falling objects!

As always,



  1. So glad no one was there or hurt and that it didn't damage your beautiful cabin. Hugs

  2. Wow that is a BIG tree ! So glad you were not home when this happened!

  3. Yikes! How lucky are you that it didn't land on the roof! We had two huge Blue Spruce come down on our roof 3 years ago, but thankfully they only poked some repairable holes in the roof! The good news is you'll have lots of firewood for some time now!

  4. Yikes is right. That was some close call!

  5. Are you sure the Bernina is more fun?

    At least the results of more fun. Pine doesn't burn that well if cut for firewood.

    I'm very glad for you that no harm was done to the cabin!

  6. Wow - what a surprise! God was smiling down on you whenever that tree fell! I, too, have run a chain saw (great when getting fallen trees from Hurricanes out of the yard) but I, too, prefer my sewing machine by far! Take it easy and be super careful! (Sounds like your hubby must be feeling better - that's good!)

  7. Crikey that looked like a close thing. I'm so glad nobody was in the way of the tree and that it missed the cabin.

  8. What a shock that had to have been when you got there. We used to have a big tree in the backyard, and when we had a stormy night I was always afraid that it could fall in my bedroom.
    I'm sooo glad we had it removed. Joe sure has his work cut out for him.

  9. That was a close one! I think I would prefer to arrive after this fell than to be there when it did fall, that would have made me wet my pants!