Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Twinkle Trees Table Topper

Hello Everyone,
While the weather outside has been frightful, I've been busy quilting up a storm inside the cabin.  We had 8" of snow over the weekend.

I've been working on the Twinkle Trees Table Topper from Kim Diehl's Simple Christmas Tidings book.

This was a fun and easy project.  I hope to get it on the long arm in the next week or two so I can use it this season.

Mazie loves to be included in all pictures related to quilting.  She loves to pose for me.

We spent Thanksgiving at home.  The day after Thanksgiving, Jess and Emily came over to help me set up my Christmas village.  This used to take me hours to set up by myself.  Now, Emily is in charge and directs the entire set-up.  She is now tutoring cousin Jess in the construction of the village.
We dragged everything, and I do mean everything out of the under-the-stairs-closet to get to all of the Christmas boxes.  The entrance hall, living room, family room and dining room are piled high.  The kids loved the maze they created.
Well, we finished with the family room on Friday.  There's a small tree all decorated and the village is now done.  Early Saturday morning I was at the computer and saw the weather forecast.  A foot of snow was predicted for the cabin.  We hadn't planned on going up for a couple of days, but I was afraid if we didn't arrive before the storm, we would have to dig our way through the driveway and into the cabin.
So I woke up Mr. Joe around 6am and we decided then and there to get out of town and get to the cabin before the first flakes started falling.  I packed my sewing projects and Mr. Joe packed the car......turkey carcass and all. 
To make a long story short, we made it up to the mountains one hour before the storm hit.  The temperature dropped rapidly and we just sat back, ate our turkey soup and watched it snow.  It doesn't take much to keep us entertained.

Sometime this week, we will have to go home and face the MESS we left behind.  Oh well, it's not going to go anywhere.  We wouldn't have missed this time at the cabin for all the boxes of Christmas ornaments in China!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sewn Wild Oaks Class Was In Session

Hello Everyone,
With Thanksgiving taking center stage this week, I'm a little slow posting the pictures that I took at the class last Tuesday.  Better late than never.
I'll begin by showing you little Checkerberry waving to you.

Laurie made FOUR Checkerberry pillows for her family for Christmas!  They look so cute together.  Her family is going to love them year after year.

Patty is making the tummy for her Checkerberry from a kit.

Barbara finished her Homemade Holidays table runner.  I love the embellishments she added.

The fur on top of the stocking is the fuzzy side of Velcro.  Great idea!

Love the little tags on the packages.

Kristie has her adorable wall hanging all together.

Look at the cute little eyes and noses on some of the blocks.

Irene is working on her Kim Diehl table runner.  She is going to modify the pattern to fit her table.

Here is a picture of Irene's little squares all stored together in a plastic sleeve designed for business cards.  Genius!

Kathy was working on binding for a baby quilt.

 Barbara is working on her family tree.

Laurie is making great progress on her Lil Orphan Scrappy quilt.

Isabelle finished the applique on her pumpkin.

Kristie is working on her Country Charmer blocks using Jo Morton fabrics.

Wendy is making a black and white quilt using the Lil' Orphan Scrappy block pattern.

Here is a picture of this very talented group of women in the classroom at In Between Stitches.

It is so much fun for me to just it back and listen to their funny and heartwarming conversations.  Tuesday was a special day as everyone felt so thankful for this time together.


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Let Us Be Thankful

Hello Everyone,

I am thankful for you, my blog followers, friends, and family.  It has been a wonderful year of meeting more of you, hearing your quilting stories, and realizing how much we have in common.

Let us be thankful for what we already have.  Let us be thankful for the small pleasures life has to offer.  Let us be thankful for the time we spend with each other.

Let us be thankful for our health and family.

Let us be thankful.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Playing Catch Up

Hello Everyone,
It's time for me to get you, and myself all caught up after an extremely busy week of teaching and a guild lecture.
Gail and I spent last Wednesday and Thursday in San Mateo with the Peninsula Quilters Guild.  This beautiful quilt was made by one of the members.  
 I spoke to a full house Wednesday morning.

We were treated to a great show and tell by the members.  One of them shared their story about this finished quilt.  While she was making it, there was an extreme amount of trimming.  She said her finished block pile was much smaller than the waste pile.

She created the following two quilts from the waste pile!


Now the quilter who made this quilt said she was new to quilting!!

Love the glasses.

So sweet.

I was sitting in the front row so I couldn't get a picture of the entire 115" x 115" beauty.

Thursday I taught a Patchwork Math workshop at the Sobrato Center in Redwood Shores to an excellent group of highly skilled quilters. They kept me on my toes! 

Here is just a very small sampling of some of their creations.  One of the quilters made both 6" blocks and 9" blocks during class.  Where's the picture?  I was asleep at the switch again!

Now let's backtrack to last Monday when I was in Turlock at Cloth and Quilts teaching Madrigal. Once the girls made their centers, the blocks started flying together.

Ann finished half of her blocks for her quilt.  Speedy!

It has been heaven to be home enjoying our nice rainy weekend.  I love to travel, teach, and lecture, then I always love to come home and get caught up with my quilting business, filling orders, accounting, and my own quilting.  I'm looking forward to the next two weeks spent with family over Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday. (Maybe it's the turkey sandwich on Friday that I enjoy the most!) Then it's full-blown preparing and decorating for Christmas. 

Mr. Joe and I got caught up on our week while watching college football, and stuffing patterns for a large order for Keepsake Quilting.  Where are those grandkids when you need them?  Do child labor laws apply at Grammy's house?

My schedule is a little calmer over the next few weeks.  Only three more classes to teach through the end of the year. Then in 2017 I hit the ground running with lots of scheduled guild lectures, workshops, three retreats, and shows!  Some interesting new prospects are on the horizon too.  I'll share them with you when, or if they become a reality......I don't want to jinx anything.


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Quails Nest Quilting Company

Hello Everyone,
Last Thursday I did a mini trunk show and Patchwork Math demonstration throughout the entire day at Quails Nest Quilting Company, a new quilt shop in Sonora, CA.  The picture below is my Emilie Elizabeth pattern.

Quilters were coming and going during the day while I demonstrated Patchwork Math.  Susan and Tara provided a wonderful assortment of teas, coffee, sweet rolls and bread for the session.

Here's Buttonwood on display.

Some of these quilts look a bit familiar too!  Country Charmer, Heartfire and Once Upon a Vine.  I'll be teaching a full blown Patchwork Math class at Quails Nest on February 21, 2017. Susan is generously offering a $75.00 gift certificate to one lucky person who registers for the class before February 1st.  The winner will be announced during the class.

Monday I'm teaching Madrigal at Cloth and Quilts in Turlock.  I like this quilt so much that I've made it twice.

Today my twin granddaughters turn 14.  My daughter put this collage together on her FB page.  We will be spending the day with them out in the sunshine.  I'll be on the sidelines of the soccer field cheering for Emily, while Mr. Joe is on the softball field cheering for Kinsey.  They are growing up to be beautiful, intelligent young women with a great sense of humor.  Love them to pieces!

Time spent with family is always the best!