Friday, October 30, 2015

Sew'n Wild Oats Retreat Day Four

Hello Everyone,
Some final pictures from the retreat.  I have enough photos of quilts to post for another week!  My girls are so creative and so prolific.  Here is a picture of our pillow party. Every pillow was customized by the girls.

I love this group photo while we gathered around the pool.  These 35 women could put on their own quilt show.....and you will get to see there show next week on the blog.

Table mates and long-time friends Barbara and Melody.  The space for the retreat has excellent lighting and we had lots of room to spread our things out.

Paula always wears a shirt that is a perfect for a photo opportunity!

After brunch, some of us headed out for a last stroll around the lake. 

Our time together was magical.  I LOVE spending time with my girls.  I LOVE to hear and watch them interact.  I LOVE to hear them laugh.  I LOVE to hear them be supportive of one another.  I LOVE to see them exchange emails and set up future lunch and quilting dates.  I can't say enough good things about the last few days.  Thank you all for being you. Your friendship has added so much to my life.


Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sew'n Wild Oaks Retreat Day Three

Hello Everyone,
This is Nancy, late last night just finishing trimming her Country Corners quilt.  Just imagine a little thought bubble above her head saying, "I am so done!"  We've been in awe of this quilt for three days.
Final measurements and squaring up before the borders.  This quilt was spot on the measurement.  A sign of very accurate quilting.

Some of the girls began their morning with coffee and a fireside chat.  The rain kept most of us inside quilting and learning.  A few stepped out for their afternoon walk.

The girls have been working on anything and everything of their choosing this week. They also could attend my riveting lectures and technique demonstration throughout the day if they wished.

The following pictures are just a very small sample of what they've accomplished so far this week.

New friendships have grown between tablemates.

More kitties have been added to the litter.

The beauty in the room has been breathtaking.

Diana has little mice scampering throughout her quilt.

It was Yvonne's birthday so of course there was cake and a round of Happy Birthday.  We sounded good too!

Now we have a parade of pillows.  The girls all received kits and some of them chose to work on them.

Another Grammy Squares is almost finished.


Martha was gifted a box of blocks from her sister and look at what she's done with them! So pretty.

I am in a state of awe throughout the day.  There is so much beauty in the room from my girls.  They are as beautiful and amazing as their quilts.  It has been an incredible time for all of us.  I think we need to have a few more days.....I'm not ready to have it end yet I'm extremely thankful for the time we've had together.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sew'n Wild Oaks Quilt Retreat Day Two

Hello Everyone,
We are having SEW much fun at the Sew'n Wild Oaks retreat! Here are just part of the "blockhead" quilters.  Some of the girls got together ahead of time and made blocks to wear for the first full day of the retreat. So cute and too funny.  All of blocks are from some of my patterns.

Nancy started Country Corners last year right before the retreat.  This is absolutely stunning.  The directions for all of her blocks are on the Country Corners tab at the top of the blog.

A few of the girls were marveling at the quilt.

Quilters like to clown around for the camera.  April the shop's manager from Prairie Queens in San Jose is sitting next to Debbie, the shop's owner.

The food has been wonderful so far.

Now aren't these kitties cute!  Zoom in to see their thongs......on their feet people!

Kathy will probably have her gorgeous wall hanging finished today.

We took our walk around the lake after lunch.  Some of the girls walked around more than once. 

There is a little bit of fall color across the pond.

Gail is working on her Lil' Orphan Scrappy blocks.

I told you yesterday you would find out what was in the cute little Sew'n Wild Oaks bag. This was the project for our retreat, a pillow from my Buttonwood pattern. 

Barbara brought her finished Grammy Squares quilt to show us.  It is a work of art.

There was more space outside on the deck to decide on block layouts.  Today it is going to be a little wet out there.  It started raining this morning.

Paula has been working on this quilt for 22 years.....her first quilt!  It is done!!!!  It is hand quilted!!!! She worked on the hand quilting last year.

The girls are making magic at the retreat.  Patty finished her October Magic.....her first applique ever!

Gotta scoot, make a pot of coffee, and we're off to the lodge for another fun day with the girls.