Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Feast of Finishes

Hello Everyone,
If today's post doesn't bring a smile to your face, then I give up!  Just look at the productivity of "my girls!"  They are incredible finishers.  Yesterday was an eye candy feast of finishes in my Sew'n Wild Oaks class.
My sister Gail, is stitching the binding on For the Love of Baskets.  This picture shows Gail's excellent points and Lora Zmak's excellent machine quilting.

It looks like a reversible, whole cloth quilt from the back.  For some reason, Gail didn't like my idea of using this side of her quilt as a tablecloth for Thanksgiving dinner. Party pooper!

Gail and Kaye share October as their birthday month.  See, there is evidence in the foreground that Gail has been upgraded from cookie status to cake! I can be a nice sister some of the time.

Barbara has a quilted Grammy Squares ready for binding, also machine quilted by Lora Zmak.

Barbara created her borders using the leftover 1" stripes from her hexagons.  They look like stained glass.

Now all she has to do is finish up her binding.  Great backing fabric also with hexagons.

Mary has a finished Heartfire also quilted by Lora Zmak.

Look at her gorgeous centers surrounded by her wonderful selection of fabrics.

Patty has a quilted Once Upon a Vine. You guessed it......machine quilted by Lora Zmak! 

Patty's piecing combined with Lora's quilting make one gorgeous quilt!

 Here are some more projects in the works.......Lil' Orphan Scrappy blocks.  It won't be long, and the girls will have these quilts in the finished column.

Karen is making her little hexies for Grammy Squares.  My mantra is......"An hour per flower."  They can't be rushed.

Evelynne is making a specialized sashing with little Y-square components for Winter's Warmth.  This is going to be beautiful.

Kay is making her baskets too.  She has a pile ready for stitching.

 Last but not least, Lynette is creating another Lucy Boston block.

Are you still smiling after seeing all of this quilted goodness?  I know I am.



  1. Wow! What beautiful quilts and what a testament to a gifted quilter! If Lora is the one who you had in mind to requilt my Calamitous Country Charmer, she's hired!!!!!!
    Barbara's borders look woven in the close-up! Love that!
    Big Birthday Hugs and Squeezes, and loads of love to Gail!!! (And yes, you are a very good sister, Lynn!)

  2. OK - I just drooled all over my computer! Happy Birthday Gail and happy you got a cake instead of a cookie.

  3. OK - I just drooled all over my computer! Happy Birthday Gail and happy you got a cake instead of a cookie.

  4. What beautiful work on everyone's part!! I can feel the energy from here :)

  5. As I hit "enter" I think I felt a little earthquake! The universe must agree with me about your energy!!!

    1. One of 18+ little earthquakes in our area between yesterday and today...any connection ladies?????

  6. All absolutely gorgeous! A treat for the eyes this morning.

  7. Yes, indeed, I am smiling! Every single picture is inspiration for me! What talented girls in your group! Especially that busy, busy quilter Lora! Thanks so much for sharing all the goodness!

  8. It was an amazing day yesterday to see this many gorgeous almost finished quilts and to have Lynn, the designer, and Lora, the machine quilter, both there to share in the glory! Thank you both for the incredible jobs you do! I know I am so pleased and happy with my quilt!!! It is my favorite one so far! I do doubt, however, that it will be appearing on Lynn's dining room table at Thanksgiving, even though the backing would be the perfect color to absorb turkey gravy! I am delighted to be elevated to "cake" status! I can only wonder what I can aspire to next! Glad to share my birthday celebration with my friend Kaye! Barbara G, we thought about you, too!

  9. There's only one thing I can say really. Woww! and Woww again (OK, that's two things, but who's counting?)

  10. Happy Birthday to Gail. Her For Love of Baskets is lovely. Lora and 'your girls' have been busy, beautiful work all round.

  11. Happy Birthday to Gail! So glad you let her have cake...did she get an entire piece to herself, or just a bite? LOVE all of the quilts, and Lora's quilting is fantastic...maybe I need her address!

  12. Beautiful! Wish I was close enough to join in on the fun, but I will make my own fun up here in Northern CA. You girls must keep Lora quite busy! Her quilting is beautiful!!!

  13. Happy Birthday to Gail and Kaye!!! My smiles are even bigger today seeing all the luscious starts and finishes! Stick to your guns, Gail, your incredible quilt will NOT go on the dinner table at Thanksgiving!! I don't know how you managed to find time for making a birthday cake, Lynn - you're a most excellent sister!!

    1. Thank you, Candace! And YES I do have a most excellent sister!