Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sew'n Wild Oaks Retreat Day Three

Hello Everyone,
This is Nancy, late last night just finishing trimming her Country Corners quilt.  Just imagine a little thought bubble above her head saying, "I am so done!"  We've been in awe of this quilt for three days.
Final measurements and squaring up before the borders.  This quilt was spot on the measurement.  A sign of very accurate quilting.

Some of the girls began their morning with coffee and a fireside chat.  The rain kept most of us inside quilting and learning.  A few stepped out for their afternoon walk.

The girls have been working on anything and everything of their choosing this week. They also could attend my riveting lectures and technique demonstration throughout the day if they wished.

The following pictures are just a very small sample of what they've accomplished so far this week.

New friendships have grown between tablemates.

More kitties have been added to the litter.

The beauty in the room has been breathtaking.

Diana has little mice scampering throughout her quilt.

It was Yvonne's birthday so of course there was cake and a round of Happy Birthday.  We sounded good too!

Now we have a parade of pillows.  The girls all received kits and some of them chose to work on them.

Another Grammy Squares is almost finished.


Martha was gifted a box of blocks from her sister and look at what she's done with them! So pretty.

I am in a state of awe throughout the day.  There is so much beauty in the room from my girls.  They are as beautiful and amazing as their quilts.  It has been an incredible time for all of us.  I think we need to have a few more days.....I'm not ready to have it end yet I'm extremely thankful for the time we've had together.



  1. Both Mr. Squash and I are sitting here drooling over everyone's fantastic work this morning! So many amazing projects in so little time! Your gals are all so talented and having way too much fun! I'm sure it will be hard to end for everyone - but wait - there's next year!

  2. All that beauty and creativity going on indoors, and an opportunity to take an autumn walk made more vibrant by the rain. Opportunities to be grateful for.

  3. What fabulous works here! Nancie's quilt is stunning!

  4. Oh my goodness - the productivity! SO inspirational. Love Nancy's quilt and I'm sure that she does too.