Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Spring Frolic

Hello Everyone,

The stitching is almost done and then I can start putting this 27" x 27" table topper together. This sweet little table topper is going to be one of the projects for my Sew'n Wild Oaks retreat which begins at the end of April.  This image was generated using EQ software. I'm going to call this one Spring Frolic.

I get my chores done in the morning, then I spend a couple of hours stitching at the dining room table in the afternoon.  The sun (when we see the sun), comes streaming through the windows and it's so comfortable stitching while listening to an audio book.   I'm currently listing to The Weight of Ink by Rachel Kadish. It is a very thought-provoking book and extremely well written.  I have to stay on my toes as the book goes back and forth in time. I know some of you are going to think I'm crazy, but working on this applique is so soothing and it's what I do to give myself an afternoon treat.  A couple hours of stitching and listening to a book is absolutely refreshing. 

It is very much Winter-like here in Northern California so it's nice to work on something that reminds me that Spring is going to make an appearance any day now.....I can only hope. I received another Winter Storm Warning on my phone this morning. The grim Winter weather has been very waring on both of us. We've had less snow than last year, but it seems as though we've had more gloomy days, rain, hail and thunderstorms.

I use silk thread when I applique, and the stitches just melt into the fabric.  I drew a 1/4' seam around the block with a Frixion pen to make sure the little scallop was perfectly lined up. I will be making kits for this little cutie.

The emails have been flying back and forth between Marcus Fabrics and myself.  One new fabric line was just sent off to South Korea and hopefully I'll be getting the strike-offs soon.  I'm working with the graphic artist on another line, and I should be getting the jpegs soon so I can put them into my design in EQ software.  As I get the jpegs and work with them, it becomes easier to tell what I need when it comes to scale, color, and design.  Since this isn't my first rodeo, this time around I'm looking at the fabrics with a different eye for detail.  I've learned so much working with the talented ladies at Marcus Fabrics.  They are a joy and it's a privilege to work with them.

The big news is Marcus Fabrics wants me to do another block of the month for them beginning next March. Mr. Joe is going to be busy stuffing patterns!

I'm also still working on my 'special' projects.  I wish I could tell you what I've been up to.  Come on over and take a peek at my design wall.....NOT!

Mazey is almost back to normal.  The prednisone dosage is one tablet every other day.  She is ravenously hungry ALL DAY LONG!  She is also drinking about 5 bowls full of water ALL DAY LONG and throughout the night she gets up for a nightcap and needs to go out to the powder room.  It will be nice to get an entire night of sleep once she gets off of the drugs.


A sleep deprived Lynn


Monday, March 25, 2024

Bridle Path - Cupid Hits His Mark

Hello Everyone,

Here is Chapter 7 for my Packhorse Librarian story to go along with the Bridle Path quilt.

If you are new to my blog, I suggest you start at the beginning of the story.  I try to post a short chapter every month.  This is a fictional account of Lexie, a Packhorse Librarian in Kentucky in the 1930's.  She is writing a diary to her young daughter, Grace.

Chapter One    A New Beginning

Chapter Two   Aroma of Time

Chapter Three   Reflections

Chapter Four    The Christmas Surprise

Chapter Five    Les Misérables 

Chapter Six - From the Heart

Chapter #7 Month #7

March 1936

Dear Grace,

It has been several months now that I’ve totally embraced my new job as a packhorse librarian.  I was not expecting to have such a depth of fondness for the folks along my daily route.  Each day I feel as though I’m living between two landscapes, the rustic, and quaint town of Cobble Hill, and the backcountry and hollers nestled in the mountains surrounding the town.

I’ve known most of the people along my route my entire life.  But now, I’ve been invited into their homes and I’m really getting to know them at a deeper, more personal level, and I look forward to our weekly and, in some cases, monthly visits for those who live deeper in the woods.

After I drop you off at Grandma Millie’s house, I head over to the collection room at the back of the library we packhorse librarians use to gather and pack up the books and reading material we are going to distribute.  This morning, I decided to stop at the Spinning Wheel Café for a cup of coffee.  I was greeted by the tinkling of the bell as I walked through the front door and inhaled the blissful scent of freshly made cinnamon rolls right from the oven.  How could I resist the urge to splurge on a piping hot roll?  I had a few coins in my pocket and placed them on the counter.  I had just enough change for coffee and a roll which I decided to eat half now and wrap the rest in a cloth napkin and save to enjoy later in the day.

Sheriff McHenry sat at the end of the counter wearing his trademark trappers’ hat which was not standard issue for his uniform. Maybe it was worn in the northernmost reaches of Canada by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, but not in Kentucky.  The flaps were ‘up’ which meant he was listening to every word spoken in the café. You knew if the flaps were ‘down’ the sheriff was thinking about a case he was working on and he was not to be disturbed. His cases usually revolved around an illegal still, stolen horse, runaway husband, wife, teenaged child, or a fist fight at the local bar.  We had only one sheriff for the entire county and occasionally he had to draw on the resources of a neighboring town for a particularly serious case. 

For the most part, he spent his day in the café nursing a cup of coffee with a Lucky Strike cigarette building up ash in an ashtray, which Winnie, a very plump waitress, dumped out several times a day. I think Winnie enjoyed a few too many cinnamon rolls. Also, sheriff McHenry sported a large belly, probably a result of those cinnamon rolls too.

Sheriff McHenry always saved the spent pack of Lucky Strikes.  He would never wad up an empty pack in his fist.  He would remove the #2 Ticonderoga pencil from between his ear flap and ear and gently press the pencil over the empty pack to make it nice and flat. He was known to use the finished packs for target practice as the package looked like it had a bullseye on it.  He didn’t have to draw his firearm very often, but he certainly wanted to be ready and deadly accurate if the need arose.  The woods around Cobble Hill were decorated with empty packs of Lucky Strikes tacked to trees with the bullseye totally obliterated.  I guess this was a word of warning to any would be criminal.

The county issued the sheriff a 1927 Model T for his official duties.  He literally drove the car a consistent 27 miles an hour around town whether he was headed to an emergency or just cruising around the community looking for suspicious activity.  I wonder how fast he will drive if he were to be given a newer model?  I would think if he had been issued a 1936 model, he would still drive only 27mph, as 36mph would be totally out of control.

At the far end corner of the counter was his unofficial office, and we all knew not to sit on his personal stool.  When he brought folks in for an interview, he took them to a corner booth for privacy which was not very private.  As I walked in this morning, the sheriff looked up at me through a ribbon of smoke, with eyes squinted.  He was always surveying every café patron with suspicion.

I hung around the Spinning Wheel Café and listened to Walter Winchell on radio station WABC from New York. He was talking about the 1936 Summer Olympics which were going to be held in Berlin, Germany in August. There was a lot of talk about a working-class team of rowers from the University of Washington who had qualified to go to Berlin. The commentator was also talking about Jessie Owens, the Buckeye Bullet from Ohio State. It was going to be fun following the US Olympic team on the radio. I’m still amazed that a voice from New York can reach all the way to rural Kentucky!   I can’t imagine how a voice can travel across the ocean to our little corner of the world.

This morning, I could hear folks talking about a wake being held at the Craig Memorial Congregational Church for a long-time resident of Cobble Hill, Mrs. Gordon. Years ago, before I was in school, Mrs. Gordon was the schoolmarm.  I remember hearing how rigid and strict she was during her time at the schoolhouse. This was going to be a real social gathering as more than half of the residents were schooled by her and still spoke about the crack of the ruler they received on the back of their hands.  Mrs. Gordon and Mrs. VanAsperen were fast friends and when Mrs. Gordon retired from teaching, she gave Mrs. VanAsperen her ruler.  Unfortunately, Mrs. Gordon had trained the ruler well and Mrs. VanAsperen still used it to discipline her students.  I don’t think that ruler ever measured a thing except for the pain and humiliation it inflicted.

Sheriff McHenry would be at the wake too.  He would remove his hat during the prayer only, and then he’d slap it right back on his head.  You see, he has a perfectly egg-shaped bald head which elicited snickers and giggles whenever his hat was off. If you ever wondered what Humpty Dumpty looked like, just take a peek at Sheriff McHenry with his hat off. Poor man, I see why it seemed to be glued to his head.  Whenever we had a strong windstorm, the strings on the flaps were securely tied under his double chin. Heaven forbid his hat blew off and looked like an escaped monkey from a zoo rolling down main street.

Jenny Kenline, also known as the ‘grief catcher’ will be at the wake in full wake regalia and a plate of cookies. I’m not sure that Mrs. Gordon would be on the receiving end of one of Jenny’s carrot cakes, which were reserved for only the happiest of occasions.   I always wondered why a wake is called ‘wake’ when the object of all the attention is obviously far from being ‘a-wake’.   I’m sure Mrs. Gordon would be very disapproving if there was a drop of alcohol consumed during her wake, so cookies it is and absolutely no rum balls allowed.

I headed over to the library with my cinnamon roll tightly rolled up in a cloth napkin which I promised to return to Winnie.  I’m not sure how the roll would fare in my saddlebag packed with books, so I decided to keep it in my coat pocket. I knew I would probably have a grease stain on my pocket, but I didn’t care.  I threw the saddlebags full of books over Starkey’s hind end, and we were off for the day, and it was just barely 8:00 am.

I love these early morning rides.  The sky was pewter-colored over the green grass and trees. I could hear the birds chirping and singing their praise for the day.  I joined in with a silent prayer of thanks and gratitude for my life, my important job, and for you Grace.  I stopped at several cabins along my route before I went to see Nellie Welsh.  Her cabin was always so depressing, yet she was up and dressed to a ‘tee’ just in case this was the day she was going to pass over.  She offered me a cup of coffee, but I declined as I still had multiple stops along my way.

I came to the river which was higher than usual for this time of year. Starkey, my dog Blue, and I stood at the shore watching the swift water pass by.  I looked at the water and thought about my life racing by. Two leaves were flowing swiftly together until they came to a large rock.  One leaf moved smoothly around the rock, while the other one was caught in an eddy in front of the rock and was sucked into the water.  I thought about me and the fact that my life is the leaf heading downstream.  Your father’s life was swallowed by the eddy, and we aren’t going to be meeting downstream anytime soon. There are times like these when sadness washes over me to the point that I ignore everything around me when I should be paying more attention to everything surrounding me. Enough of these silent conversations with myself.

Starkey put his right hoof into the water, then reared and spun around as though he had been shot by a bullet from Sheriff McHenry’s handgun.  Starkey was whirling around in a frenzy, while I held on to the reins and saddle horn for dear life spinning in every direction like the needle on a compass. While I was spinning just like the Tile-A-Whirl at the local carnival,  I caught a glimpse of Little Georgie Stoltz stealing away holding his bow.  My guess is Georgie’s suction-cup arrow found Starkey’s rump at close range and startled him into turning circles in search of the culprit who attacked him. Before I knew it, I landed on my buttocks in the river.  All I could think about was the ruined cinnamon roll in my pocket! 

As luck would have it, Daniel from Leonardo’s Mill was driving by with a load of mill ends in the bed of his truck.  He parked and ran over to help me out of the water and grabbed Starkey’s reins.  Blue just stood there and barked at Daniel, then pursued Little Georgie off into the woods. I was secretly wishing Blue would take a little nip out of Georgie’s rump to teach him a lesson!  I know that is so un-Christian like but I wasn’t feeling very charitable at the time.

When Daniel got me upright, I realized that somehow on the way down, I had twisted my ankle, possibly my boot had gotten hung up in the stirrup.  Daniel thought I should leave my boot on, and he loaded me into his truck and thought it would be a good idea if he took me to Old Doc Wood’s office.  He tied Starkey’s reins to the back of the truck and Blue jumped up and played king of the mountain on top of the load of mill ends and we were off at a slow rate of speed, much slower than Sheriff McHenry.

Daniel waited for me while Old Doc Wood gently removed my boot, palpitated my ankle and proclaimed that I should stay off it for the day, and I’d be fine by morning.  I was not so sure that was the case.  My buttocks ached, my ankle ached, and my precious cinnamon roll was ruined.  Daniel then took me to Grandma Millie’s house so she could keep an eye on me during the day.  When the truck pulled up in front of her house, I got out and hobbled over to the chair on the front porch and sat down emitting a loud sigh.  We soon discovered that Grandma Millie and Grace must still be at Mrs. Gordon’s wake.

We sat in contented silence for a bit when Daniel asked if he could take me to the Spring Frolic at the Church in two weeks.  My mind was racing……I had only been a widow for a little over a year.  Would this be proper?  I was lonesome for the company of a man, but I was not lonely, in fact I had become extremely self-sufficient. I always said I would never want another man’s boots under my bed, but was that really the case?  It’s amazing the number of thoughts that can go through your head in a split second.  I told him I would have to think about it as I didn’t think I would be very light on my feet by the way my ankle was swelling.  Daniel suggested we move down by the stream and sit there for a bit before he had to go on his way.  The chilly water made my ankle feel so much better.  Maybe the water just took the edge off the pain and was beginning to numb my entire foot.

I sat and stared at the water rushing down out of the mountains and saw it part as it went around a rock.  This time, a leaf didn’t get stuck in an eddy and the two sides of the stream split then met peacefully on the other side of the rock and traveled down the waterway together.

Daniel helped me into Grandma Millie’s cabin, and he went on his way to deliver the mill ends.  He would have to explain to the mill owner why he was late with his deliveries that day, and he knew Mr. Leonardo would be understanding.  Daniel tipped his hat to me and said he hoped to see me in the next few days to find out my answer to his invitation. He said he hoped my answer would be yes.

I curled up on the chesterfield (Sheriff McHenry does not smoke Chesterfields since there’s no ‘target’ on the pack) and slept until you and Grandma Millie came back from the wake. After I told her what happened and why I was home, she said she must make Daniel a cake as a thank you for rescuing me from the river and taking care of me while she was gone.  She knew just the cake she was going to make because Jenny Kenline out did herself with a new cake recipe for the wake.  She must have had a soft spot in her heart for Mrs. Gordon after all.  Grandma Millie gave the recipe a new name in honor of Mrs. Gordon.




Old School Walnut Pound Cake

3 cups cake flour

2 cups sugar

1 cup packed brown sugar

3 sticks of butter (room temperature)

5 eggs (room temperature)

1 cup whole buttermilk (room temperature)

½ Teaspoon baking powder

¼ Teaspoon salt

1 Tablespoon vanilla extract

1 Tablespoon pound cake extract

2 cups walnuts minced – save some to sprinkle on the top of the cake



2 cups powdered sugar

1 stick of butter

4 ounces cream cheese

4 teaspoons half and half


Cream butter and sugars together until smooth.

Slowly add eggs 1 at a time

Add flavorings

Sift salt and baking powder with the flour

Add flour mixture and buttermilk to the butter and sugar mixture beginning and ending with flour

Stir in walnuts

Pour into a greased tube pan

Bake at 325 degrees for 1 hour.  Check after 45 minutes with a piece of straw from a broom.  The cake is ready when the straw comes out clean.

Let cool in pan for 20 minutes.  Place on a cake plate and frost when completely cooled

Saturday, March 16, 2024

Luck of the Irish Sale

 Top of the morning to you,

I'm having a LUCK OF THE IRISH sale in my Etsy shop beginning today 3/16/2024 thru Monday 3/18/2024.  My Etsy shop is located HERE.

As luck would have it, I started reading Princes of Ireland by Edward Rutherfurd this week.  I just started the chapter about St. Patrick last night.  I love to read anything written by Rutherfurd.  You painlessly learn so much history while reading his thoroughly researched books.  It's a long read where you can immerse yourself in the history of Ireland beginning with tribal, pre-Christian times.

Lots on the horizon here at Sew'n Wild Oaks.  I had a Zoom meeting with Marcus Fabrics yesterday, and our discussions were sew exciting.


Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Calico Cottages

 Hello Everyone,

My sister, Gail, has a beautiful Calico Cottages flimsy ready to send off to be machine quilted.

The little cottages within the setting triangles, measure 3" x 3".  You can see the wonderful selection of strips surrounding the block.

This quilt is truly a scrappy quilt and it's amazing just how much fabric you use while making it.  It feels so good to put all of those scraps to work and showcase them.

Here are the corners.  The little 9-patch has strip after strip around it.  Gail's fabrics are all from the same family of reproduction fabrics from many, many different fabric lines.  They all work together beautifully.

All of the roofs, windows, and the chimneys are the same.  This was her first attempt at foundation paper-piecing.  She was not a fan at first......I can attest to that!  But, once she got it, she got it and couldn't stop making these precious little houses.

You can find the pattern HERE in my Etsy shop.  The quilt measures 62" x 62" which makes a wonderful wall hanging or lap quilt.  Gail loves her quilt as well she should!

On the home front, taxes have been submitted to the accountant as of yesterday.  Mazey is now eating and drinking a lot as she's making up for lost time.  The steroids are making her feel better and she's now able to chew without pain.....but a case of the 'trots' has her running to the door day and night.  We take turns nightly on who has to get up and take her out.  It's a bit scary out there in the woods at night. Luckily, she gets straight to work, and we aren't standing around outside for too long.  What we do for our precious pets!  


Saturday, March 9, 2024

Country Sunshine

 Hello Everyone,

This image of Country Sunshine popped up on my memories yesterday on my computer.  I thought it was very fitting for this time of the year here in the Sierra Nevada mountains.  We all need a little sunshine in our lives.

I should rename this quilt Mountain Sunshine.  The sun has been very elusive up here, and another smaller storm is on the way for a short visit.  If I get one more winter storm warning on my phone, I think I'm going to scream!

We took Mazey in to see her Vet again yesterday for the third time this week.  She is perking up a bit, but she is still hiding away for most of the day.  Yesterday, she actually showed interest in a squirrel as she came out of the bedroom and bedded down by the sliding glass door.  She is also eating little bits of chicken and rice in chicken broth.

Our little Mazey was diagnosed with masticatory myositis.  The masticatory muscles are the muscles used in chewing.  The word myositis means muscle inflammation.  So, this explains why she was not eating or barking.  She is now on steroids and the Vet gave her a steroid injection to jump start the medication and get it in her system quickly. 

So, our early warning bear notification system is no longer working.  All of these bear tracks came out of the woods and circled around the fire pit.  Then the tracks led right up the stairs to our deck, without a peep out of Mazey.

Today I'm going to finish up everything I need to do on our taxes and get them to the accountant.  This has been such a drag and so uncreative.  I guess I could have gotten creative with the numbers......but I won't.

So, my readers, you are going to have to be creative for me today.




Thursday, March 7, 2024

Some Show Stoppers

 Hello Everyone,

I feel that I hit the jackpot this week!  I received many pictures of quilts that you've made using my patterns.  First up is a picture of my Crossing the Pond pattern that was beautifully made by Jane.

This is what Jane said in her email.

Hello, You will find attached pictures of a quilt I made using Di Ford's Windermere fabrics. I found the perfect pattern in Quiltmania issue #143, "Crossing the Pond" by Lynn Wilder. I used Ms Wilder's alternating central blocks to showcase the colors in the Windermere floral panel. Since I was using Di Ford fabrics, I thought it would be nice to incorporate a broderie perse border along with the fabric border print. I am very pleased with the way that it turned out.  I hope you like it too.
Cheers, Jane Waye 
P.S. The long arm quilting was done by my talented friend Debbie at Wynnspired Custom Quilting.

I love that Jane added her own very special and outstanding 'touches' to this quilt and made it her own.  It is so gorgeous and so well done!

Next up I received pictures from Ollie in Canada.  Here is what she said about the group of beauties.

The first quilt is mine and I taught this pattern in my quilting class and here are mine and two others made with this pattern. The teal one is not quite finished as she had to order the red batik in order to make the first border. 

Then Ollie goes on to say:

This is one of my students Heritage Quilt made with civil war fabrics.

But wait, there are some more!  My friend Sylvia started her Heritage quilt at one of my retreats.  She just got it back from her machine quilter. She said she keeps going into her bedroom to look at it and she can't believe she made it.

Then yesterday afternoon I received a text from Gretchen.  She just finished A Ribbon Runs Through It.
Gretchen brought her finished blocks to one of my retreats last Fall.  I showed her how to 'block' each of the blocks to get them all to be the same size.....and voila, here they are.

This has definitely been a week of happy emails, and texts.  I LOVE to get your pictures.  Both Mr. Joe and I look at all of them and marvel at your creativity and precision. I really appreciate all of you taking the time to send me your pictures.  It puts a smile on my face from ear to ear.

Now news on the Mazey front.  Our little girl has had a very rough week.  She's been pumped full of fluids, had blood drawn, injections, and x-rays.  So far, all of the tests have been unremarkable. Yesterday afternoon she finally ate something for the first time in 7 days!  7 days of not eating or drinking.  All she did was hide away from us and stay curled up in her bed.  We wanted to caress her, but she wasn't having any of it. We were shocked yesterday when she came out of the bedroom and curled up by Mr. Joe's chair.  We introduced little bits of chicken with rice and chicken broth, and she ate it.  She isn't out of the woods yet, but she can see the sunlight through the trees.  We were so afraid that this was the end, and we were both having trouble dealing with the potential loss of our baby.  We will slowly introduce more food today to rebuild her strength. The most heartening thing we saw yesterday in addition to eating, was when she wagged her tail.

I'm wagging my tail with joy today.


P.S.  All of the patterns are available in my Etsy shop HERE.  

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Timeless Applique

 Hello Everyone,

I worked my way through the torrential rain and snow at the cabin over the past five days on these precious little cuties which are made with my Hearthstone fabric line.

We never lost power during the storm, but we had intermittent Internet and TV during the worst of the snow on Saturday and Sunday.  

I enjoy combining stripes, checks and prints.....and then there is the fussy cutting for the centers.  I showed you in my last post how I make the perfect circles with the Perfect Circle templates.

I LOVE working on an applique project.  I find it very rewarding and soothing.

I have quite a few of these to make.  Four down, twelve to go.  I sew love them!

We received over a foot of snow which is much more manageable than the 3 to 4' of snow which was predicted.  That much snow would have paralyzed our mountain community. We had wind and 4" of rain throughout Thursday and Friday.  Had it been colder, we would have been in trouble.  The temps dropped on Saturday and the rain turned to snow.

I have to put all of this fun aside and finish my taxes which is the number one item on my to-do list today.  I also have to make a tutorial for the house block for Bridle Path, and finish with the Packhorse Librarian story for March.  

With all of this going on, we have been caring for a very sick Mazie.  We dug our way out yesterday and took her to the first morning appointment at her vet.  The vet thinks she has pancreatitis.  She's in pain and hasn't eaten or had any water for the past two days.  They filled her full of fluids and gave her an injection.  She's had us up since 2am, so it's back to the vet today for x-rays. It is breaking my heart to see her like this.  

Earlier this morning I was out in the great room with Mazie when I heard a fox bark.  Once you hear one you never forget it.  Normally, Mazie would have gone into protection mode and barked back, but this morning she didn't run over to the door and there wasn't a peep out of her.

I'll keep you posted.


Saturday, March 2, 2024

Growing Pains

 Hello Everyone,

I recently realized that I hadn't posted my Autumn Thyme table topper in my Etsy shop.  

The topper is a combination of cotton and wool applique. 

I LOVE the slow process of applique and I love combining cotton and wool together.

It's so relaxing to add more detail to each of the elements in the table topper.

I'm using my Hearthstone fabric line in this pattern along with Lanacot wool and Lanacot Textures by Marcus Fabrics.

The table runner measures 10" x 38".  I loved having it on display last Autumn on my table.   It just makes me smile!  I also love the plaid flange and binding which really sets it off.

Sew'n Wild Oaks has been experiencing some growing pains.  I found I was spending a great deal of time filing Etsy orders which gave me less time to design quilts and fabric.  I saw a post on FaceBook which really made me stop, think, then act. 

We do not have mail service at the cabin, which means we have to go to our little local post office to mail my Etsy orders and pick up our mail at our post office box.  The staff at our little post office is absolutely wonderful.  They know your name; they have memorized your post office box number, and they are so friendly.  For the past six years, Sam (Samantha) has waited on us at the counter.  She had a baby recently and we've missed her friendly face.  Sam posted on FB that she was looking for work from home.  A giant bell went off in my brain and I thought who better to fill my Etsy orders than someone who has worked at the post office for ten years?  It was work that could be done from home, she's local so I could keep her supplied with patterns, envelopes, and mailing labels.  Sam will process the orders and take them to the post office three days a week.  She is also working on a database for me, as I'm also working out the details with Constant Comment to send email blasts.  

Sam is now filling the majority of my orders with little Anderson by her side.  They have become part of the Sew'n Wild Oaks quilting family.  So, it's up to you to keep Sam busy!  I'll be working on marketing, and she will be filing the majority of the orders.  It's a win-win for both of us.

Now I can focus more on designing fabric and patterns.  I feel FREE and I've been so productive in the past two weeks.  I'm quilting and designing up a storm! 

My sister has been tasked to pattern testing and I mailed her a box of fabric and directions this week.  So, she's been busy reviewing a pattern while testing it out.  With my new fabric lines coming down the pike, she is going to be very busy! 

I had a ZOOM call with the wonderful women at Marcus Fabrics on Thursday.  The graphic artist is working on two lines for me along with a line of wool.  Each of the lines require a new pattern or two.  I will also be offering a FREE pattern with each of the lines.  See why my sister is going to be busy?  It is all sew exciting!

Speaking of storms, my little town has been under a Blizzard Warning for days. My phone kept dinging a blizzard warning hourly prior and during the blizzard.  It started snowing early this morning and should continue for a couple of days.  Prior to that, we had buckets of rain and hail which was accompanied by wind.  It is supposed to snow all day long, into the evening and beyond.  Our shovels and snowblower are at the ready.  We have a fridge and freezer full of food, a generator in case the power goes out, and we are fully stocked with wine......the essentials to get us through the blizzard in relative comfort.  We moved a lot of firewood to the front bring it on Mother Nature!  If you don't hear from me for a few days, that means we have no of the downfalls of mountain life. On second thought, maybe not.  

I have a lot of applique blocks ready to be stitched, so I'll be working by the fire.'s all good.