Thursday, May 30, 2019

Camp Quiltalot Part Two

Hello Everyone,
As promised, here are so more photos of the Show and Tell at Camp Quiltalot in Susanville.  The quilts displayed by the attendees were amazing.

The maker of this quilt for her yet to be born grandchild said the mutt was in the middle.

This is a picture of the two gentlemen who did all of the cooking for the retreat.  They cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner for 67 quilters!  Laura Roberts is hugging one of the men.  Laura is the owner of Country Pines Quilt Shop in Susanville.  What a gem!

We were all packed up from the retreat, and needed to head out for the drive to Red Bluff.  Gail's friends, Jim and Marilyn invited us to breakfast before we headed out of town.  Jim cooked us a glorious breakfast of crepes on a wood burning stove.

Here's a picture of the fire box to show you the actual fire.  It was 82 degrees in the kitchen.  Jim reminded us of the phrase by Harry Truman.  If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Here is the end result.  A beautiful, and delicious breakfast of crepes stuffed with either berry, or an apple filling.  We didn't need lunch that day!

Marilyn is a very prolific quilter.  Here are just few pictures of her beautiful creations.

This quilt hangs in her dining room and it was my view while devouring.....I mean very slowly eating and savoring my breakfast!

Under stormy skies we headed off to Red Bluff for a trunk show to the Sun Country Quilters that evening.

We had so much fun at Camp Quiltalot, we both signed up to attend next year.  Maybe by then, the snow will be melted and I can get over the mountain pass!  Wait a minute, we will experience another winter by then!


Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Camp Quiltalot

Hello Everyone,

You have probably been wondering where I've been over the past week or two.  It has been a whirlwind of activity spent in the company of quilters from Susanville to Red Bluff.  My sister, Gail and I arrived in Susanville on Friday the 17th to Camp Quiltalot sponsored by Country Pines Quilt Shop.  Don't we look like the plaid sisters?

We immediately set up our workstations.  I had all of my little baggies full of partially made blocks for Country Romance.

Between teaching, talking and eating, I managed to make a big dent in this quilt top.

We had to delay our 6-hour drive by a day due to roads closed by snow.  We drove over Carson Pass which is a two-lane road and ascends up to an elevation of 8,600 feet. We were so glad when we arrived at camp.

I introduced the quilters to Lucy Boston blocks on Saturday and Sunday with two mini sessions.

Friday night, I presented a trunk show.

 There were opportunities for learning all around the room.

Kathy took my Grammy Squares class last July, and brought her completely finished quilt!  It was so well done and Kathy quilted it herself.

The following is just part of the trunk show Saturday night.  The room was filled with so much talent.

More pictures tomorrow of the amazing show and tell.  Both Gail and I decided we want to go back to Camp Quiltalot next year.  We met so many wonderful quilters and had the best time.

After I get home from long trips, I have a huge to-do list.  I've been filling the backed up orders, and doing a ton of paperwork.  The paperwork never ends.  In between all of this, I've tried to squeeze in a bit of quilting!


Monday, May 27, 2019

From My Front Porch to You

Hello Everyone,
On this Memorial Day, or Remembrance Day as it once was called, let us honor those who served our country.  My husband, father, and father-in-law all proudly served. To them, and all of the men and women who wear a uniform, I say thank you.
There are more verses to Taps, these are my favorites.

Day is done, Gone the sun,
From the lake, From the hill,
From the sky.
All is well, Safely rest,
God is nigh.
Go to sleep, Peaceful sleep,
May the Soldier or Sailor,
God keep.
On the land or the deep,
Safe in sleep.
Love, good night, Must thou go,
When the day, And the night
Need thee so?
All is well. Speedeth all
To their rest
Safely rest,

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Mother's Day

Hello Everyone,
Happy Mother's Day to all! My plan is to do what I enjoy doing......which is quilting.  My pink background fabric arrived, so I can proceed with the blocks for my new Country Romance quilt pattern.  Here are the components which make up the block.

I'm making lots of components at one time to make the blocks.

I'm packaging all of the parts and pieces into individual snack-sized sandwich bags to take with me to the Country Pines Quilt Retreat next week, where I plan on doing some serious power sewing.

We celebrated Mother's Day with all of the family last weekend.  Today is a free day for me.  I get to do whatever I want to do......and we all know what that is!

Don't forget, tomorrow is the last day of my Mother's Day pattern sale on ETSY.  All patterns are 15% off.  I won't be having another sale for awhile, so take advantage of it now.  Click HERE to go to my ETSY shop.  The sale has been keeping Mr. Joe and Mazey business with their daily trips to the post office.  Mazey loves it!  She gets to hang her head out of the car window and blow all of that skunk smell out of her golden fur.  She is smelling is the cabin.


Friday, May 10, 2019

Sew'n Wild Oaks Class Was In Session

Hello Everyone,
I had two wonderful days with my Sew'n Wild Oaks girls in Livermore this week.  We haven't been together for two months, so there was a lot of catching up to do, and a lot of quilt tops and completed quilts filled the room.
Gail has her Zinnie's Choice together just in time for the summer holidays.

Kristi is also seeing stars in her future.

Now we go to Christmas with Pat's beautiful quilt.

Pat is doing her own machine quilting!  Well done.

Laurie has been working hard on her quilt.

Everything about this one is wonderful.

Vicky finished her Spoken For.  Just a little more stitching on the binding and this one goes in the finished column.

Both Barbara and Melody had completely finished Row-Mancing Alaska quilts which they started on board our quilting cruise to Alaska.  They were in a friendly competition to see who could finish first.

Barbara has a hospital ship on her quilt since she spend a bit of time in "sick bay".  All is well and she's good to go.

Irene and Karen are also working on their Row-Mancing Alaska quilts.

Karen is going to fly away with her geese.

Paula is working on her Lucy Boston block.  Notice the glass of wine?  It is very relaxing to sit, sip, and stitch.

 Wendy is working on her Crabapple Hill quilt for Halloween. 

Patty is working on Buttonwood.  I love the little flange!

Lynette has her Heritage quilt together.  We found a couple of oopsies when she put it on the design wall. Better to find them now when they are easily fixed, than later after it's quilted.

So this is what we do.  We gather together in love and friendship once a month.  We share food, lots of laughter, support, and our quilting projects.  This week we met at the Purple Orchid in Livermore.  We usually meet at In Between Stitches, but the shop is in the process of moving to a new location. We were very spoiled!


I hit the road again next week with a 4-day retreat in Susanville.  I'm teaching one class and doing a trunk show at the retreat.  Then I head over to Red Bluff for a lecture/trunk show and workshop.  I'll be busily preparing over the next few days for my trip.
On another note, poor Mazey came face to hind end with a skunk the other night.  We've had a place in the mountains for the last 20 years and this has never happened.  Five baths later, she still stinks.  Poor baby isn't getting as many lovies from us as usual.  We now have a super-duper bottle of skunk smell remover.  Either the odor is dissipating on Mazey and in the cabin......or we are getting used to it.  When we went to the grocery store yesterday, I was sure the other shoppers detected our charming eu-du-skunk fragrance.
P.S. The sale ends in my Etsy shop on Monday, May 13th.  All of my patterns, many of them shown in this post, are all 15% off.  Click HERE to be redirected to my shop.