Thursday, May 30, 2019

Camp Quiltalot Part Two

Hello Everyone,
As promised, here are so more photos of the Show and Tell at Camp Quiltalot in Susanville.  The quilts displayed by the attendees were amazing.

The maker of this quilt for her yet to be born grandchild said the mutt was in the middle.

This is a picture of the two gentlemen who did all of the cooking for the retreat.  They cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner for 67 quilters!  Laura Roberts is hugging one of the men.  Laura is the owner of Country Pines Quilt Shop in Susanville.  What a gem!

We were all packed up from the retreat, and needed to head out for the drive to Red Bluff.  Gail's friends, Jim and Marilyn invited us to breakfast before we headed out of town.  Jim cooked us a glorious breakfast of crepes on a wood burning stove.

Here's a picture of the fire box to show you the actual fire.  It was 82 degrees in the kitchen.  Jim reminded us of the phrase by Harry Truman.  If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Here is the end result.  A beautiful, and delicious breakfast of crepes stuffed with either berry, or an apple filling.  We didn't need lunch that day!

Marilyn is a very prolific quilter.  Here are just few pictures of her beautiful creations.

This quilt hangs in her dining room and it was my view while devouring.....I mean very slowly eating and savoring my breakfast!

Under stormy skies we headed off to Red Bluff for a trunk show to the Sun Country Quilters that evening.

We had so much fun at Camp Quiltalot, we both signed up to attend next year.  Maybe by then, the snow will be melted and I can get over the mountain pass!  Wait a minute, we will experience another winter by then!



  1. Hello - what magnificent quilts these ladies produced. Wow. So happy you and Gail were able to have some fun days relaxing and being with all those wonderful ladies.

  2. So glad you two were able to get out and enjoy yourselves!! Thanks for sharing pics of all the quillts: so fun!! Hugs, H

  3. Santa Rosa quilt show this weekend. I entered Lil' Scrappy. Just won't be the same w/out you two.

  4. What a great showing of quilts by these quilters!!!! Beautiful work. And those crepes!!!!

  5. Oh what fun! That is just the way life should be. Men in the kitchen and women at the sewing tables!! Looks like everyone had a blast.

  6. such a great time you had! and I agree, MEN in the kitchen!