Monday, June 30, 2014

The Quilt Show Taping

Hello Everyone,
What a day in the life of a quilter!  A day I will always remember with good memories.....the day of my taping for The Quilt Show.
We headed off early to the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles.
The initial set-up prior to taping.


The producer gave us some of the final details.  I was so nervous, her directions went in one ear and out the other!

This nice young man hooked me up to a "mike" which immediately fell into my cleavage.  I didn't know who was more embarrassed.  I'm sure my heart was beating like a trip hammer!

It was fascinating watching the preparations behind the scenes for the segments.  Everyone had their job from moving cameras, lights, and hanging the appropriate quilts.  The staff was very organized, extremely professional, very complimentary and helpful.

I reviewed the Patchwork Math segment with Ricky Tims.  Me, in the same room with Ricky Tims!  Incredible!  What a gentleman.  We walked through my presentation just prior to the taping, and Ricky "got it" immediately.

 Be natural they said.....with all of these cameras and people.....I don't think so!

I was practicing my Country Charmer segment with Alex Anderson.  Alex is an amazing woman who made me very comfortable.  Alex loved the block layout sheet and she is a quick study!  I was so afraid of not filling the allotted time.....silly me.....the time flew by.

In reviewing the events of the day in my mind, I keep thinking about the things I forgot to say.....but I can't remember exactly what I said!  I didn't bumble around too much, but there were moments I would like to re-do.  Now here's the good news.....I've been invited back to do more segments which will be on The Quilt Show's classroom section!

My thanks go out to the entire staff at The Quilt Show.  You gave me a day in my life I will always remember.  You were all professional, helpful, complimentary, and kind.

My thanks also go out to all of YOU, my wonderful readers, who sent me many personal messages and comments of encouragement prior to the show.  Knowing I had so much support was immeasurable, and I'm forever grateful.

I also want to thank Mr. Joe who's been cooking, cleaning, walking the puppy, and basically doing everything around the house the past few weeks so that I could be prepared for my big day.  He's a keeper!

Now on to my next quilting adventure.  Who knew quilting could be so exciting!


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Finishing Touches

Hello Everyone,
Today, I'm putting the finishing touches on my segments for The Quilt Show which is going to be filmed tomorrow.  I was asked to make three 6" blocks that best represent me. The blocks will go into a sampler quilt which reflect each series of the show. 

So I made two very small blocks from Country Charmer and of course they had to have plaid in them.  Making 6" blocks with 53 pieces of fabric can make life interesting.  They are like miniature, intricate, stand alone quilts.

The other block I made incorporates components from the Patchwork Math book.

I'll be working on my outline today, print off my graphics onto card stock, pack everything I need to take including way too many quilts since I can't decide which quilts to take.  My list is long.  After the taping, I'm going to curl up in the fetal position and sleep!  I'll tell you all about the taping on Monday.....maybe Tuesday........maybe Wednesday.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sew'n Wild Oaks Class is in Session

Hello Everyone,
We had quite the show & tell yesterday under the Sew'n Wild Oaks.  Judy finished her Madrigal quilt, scalloped border and all in her beautiful teal and black!

Judy also finished her Toyland Tree quilt!  Judy added many special touches to her quilt that were just outstanding.  She has an heirloom quilt that she can display with pride every Christmas. (The black and white polka dot background just doesn't like to be photographed.)

Karen finished her Country Charmer quilt.  I asked Karen if I could borrow her quilt for my appearance on The Quilt Show.....and she said YES!  I love her fabric choices....very rich and elegant.

Gail signed up for the UFO program at In Between Stitches and she is going to finish putting the borders on her Nostalgic Christmas quilt.  She worked on the final flange (which is beautiful) during class.  Gail will have another gorgeous flimsy in the finished column very soon.

Evelynne finished her fabulous Graceful Rhapsody quilt designed by Denise Sheehan from A Graceful Stitch.  Evelynne machine embroidered this quilt.

Every block has Evelynne's personal touch.  Amazing.

Vivian is down to the borders on her Toyland Tree.  This is her second applique quilt!  She has done a wonderful job and is very close to the finish line.

Cindy finished her first block for Country Corners.  She has a wonderful collections of fabrics to choose from.

Judy finished her first block too.

Barbara has been making bunches of grapes for Once Upon a Vine and baskets to be included in For the Love of Baskets, and her first block from Country Corners.  She filled her corner of the design wall.

Cindy has finished a beautiful batch of hexies for her Summer's Blush/Winter's Warmth quilt.  They are so cute!  I love the check centers.....perfect.

Susan is working on her Scrappy Leaves quilt by Ilene Bartos from Maple Leaf Quilts.  The vibrant colors are so Susan!

Vivian made a block for Country Corners month #2.  She's learning how to experiment with color and technique.  Great job Vivian.

Carol is making 32 adorable little appliqued baskets.  These are darling!

Wendy used the Patchwork Math book to design and make blocks to go around her panel.  The colors are perfect!

Isabelle is finishing up the top section from Harvest of Hope.  Her selection and use of color is absolutely perfect.

You can see that the classroom at In Between Stitches was filled with quilted beauty by "my girls".  They are so creative, so productive and SO NICE! They are very supportive of each other and me. I adore and appreciate each and every one of them.  What a wonderful way to spend the day.


Monday, June 23, 2014

Preparing for TQS

Hello Everyone,
This is what I've been up to over the past couple of days.  I'm making blocks and "step-outs" for my taping of TQS (The Quilt Show).  One of my segments is on Country Charmer and how I select colors and use the corner trimming tool.

By the time I'm finished with my preparations, I'll have enough blocks ready to make another Country Charmer quilt to add to the three I already made!  I'm addicted to the blocks.

I prepared quite an extensive tutorial HERE, a tab at the top of my blog called Country Charmer Quilt Along.  It is a handy reference showing how I select fabrics and assemble the block.  I always start by placing my pieces on the Country Charmer block layout sheet. 

I have a portfolio of block layout sheets filled with fabrics to take with me to the show.  Now I just have to prepare my script.

I'm off to work today and I'll be teaching tomorrow at the shop, so this will be put aside until Wednesday when I can apply all of the finishing touches to this segment.  I hope you all have a creative week.  I know I'll be busy!


Friday, June 20, 2014

Think Like a Puppy

Hello Everyone,
Why God invented seam rippers.  Before.


Why God created puppies

God created puppies to keep us young.  To help us look at every leaf, beetle, duck, and piece of thread with wonder.

God created puppies to help us to dream.....big and remember our roots.

God created puppies to help lead us home through the woods at the end of the day.

Today, I'm going to think like a puppy.....look at life in wonder, dream big, know my roots, and never forget where I came from.


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Quilting in the Garden 2014

Hello Everyone,
I have some exciting news!  I've been asked to teach again at Quilting in the Garden at Alden Lane Nursery in September.


I'll be teaching Once Upon a Vine on Thursday, September 25th.  For more information click HERE.

To be listed on the same page with Laura Nownes, Jean Wells, and Sally Collins is a huge honor!  Little did I know when I took my first drafting class from Laura eons ago, it would take me this far in the world of quilting.

I've been quiet lately as I have my nose to the grindstone preparing for my taping for The Quilt which is going to take place on June 29th at the San Jose Quilt and Textile Museum.  My segment will not be "on air" until November or the first of next year.

I received my outline from the producer of everything we discussed in a long phone conversation.  I'll be doing a segment on Patchwork Math and a segment on Country Charmer.  The segments are short, only about 14 minutes each, so I have to be brief and concise. During the Country Charmer segment, I'll be discussing fabric selection and show how to use one of my favorite tools, the corner trimmer.

In the Patchwork Math segment, I'll show how I take a complex block and break it into components and resize them.

The first part of the taping will cover my background in Geography, and then some of my quilts will be featured.  If you are familiar with The Quilt Show, you know that sometimes there is an "after show".  There is going to be an after show segment during my taping and it is going to focus on our cabin.  The producer requested that I send photos of the cabin with my I did, and now the cabin is going to be part of the show also. 

Mr. Joe and I conducted our own personal photo shoot of my quilts and other quilts I've made over the years hanging in and around the cabin.

I am sitting at the dining room table as I write this blog posting.  The breakfast sign says, "Open 6am".  Now that we have little Mazey, it should read, Open at 5am....or 4am!  She wakes up just as the sun starts thinking about making an appearance.  Before I take her outside, I always check for critters before we proceed.  Do you know how hard it is to contain a wiggling, 10 week old puppy with a small bladder?

More Quilt Show preparations are in store for me today.  I'm preparing a binder full of "step-outs" for the show.  I'll have way more than I'll ever need......I just want to be prepared.


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Between Puppy Naps

Hello Everyone,
Between Mazey's naps, I've been able to finish machine quilting Emilie Elizabeth. I didn't want her sharp, little puppy teeth near the long arm.  Images of shredded batting came to mind.

I spent a good eight hours at the machine yesterday finishing this one.  I was determined to get it done so I can start the binding tonight.

When I finished, I poured a glass of wine, put my feet up and fell asleep holding the untouched glass of wine.  I never spilled a drop, even when I woke myself up snoring!  It's a good thing Mr. Joe doesn't do Facebook....that image of me would have been priceless plastered across the Internet.

This pattern is going to be a Block of the Month offered through In Between Stitches.  For more information, click HERE.  I'll personally select all of the fabrics.  The fabrics will not be identical, but the quilt will have the same look and feel.

When I get the binding and hanging sleeve finished, I'll take a picture of the entire quilt. 

Here is a picture of the real Emilie Elizabeth.....the kindest, and most wonderful grandmother a child could wish for.  She was a special lady.  I never saw her wear pants, always dresses or house coats.  She never learned how to drive, but boy could she cook up a storm in her wood-burning oven.  She had a little box of kindling by the side of the stove, and kept the heat just right while her lemon meringue pies were baking.  Grandma introduced me to quilting many decades ago on her old treadle sewing machine which now sits in my entryway.  Maybe I should have made Emilie Elizabeth on THAT machine.  What was I thinking!

This one is for you Grandma.