Thursday, September 28, 2023

September Retreat Day 4

Hello Everyone,

This wonderful group of quilters have been delightful to be with this week.  We will say goodbye today, but the happy memories we made will be with us forever.


Some of the girls walked around the lake.

They are always helping each other out.

We shared a lot of information.

Until next time.......


Wednesday, September 27, 2023

September Retreat Day Three

Hello Everyone,

I only have enough time this morning to post pictures of what is going on at the retreat.  This is Pat's smaller and gorgeous version of A Ribbon Runs Through It.

Debbie made an adorable Calico Cottage.

Here is the parade of quilts from out show and tell last night.

Becky was practicing different machine quilting motifs on this quilt.

 This is Rob, the singing Lodge manager who keeps us entertained.

The weather is so nice we've been able to sit outside and enjoy each other and a glass with our appetizers before dinner.

I look like I'm singing to the group......not!

I teach little mini workshops throughout the day.

I'm off to the Lodge!


Tuesday, September 26, 2023

September Retreat Day Two

 Hello Everyone,

The first part of the post are pictures I took while wandering around the room at the retreat to see what everyone is working on.  My sister Gail is finishing up her blocks for Bridle Path.

A lot of the girls are doing beautiful handwork.

I taught a session on little foundation pieced houses.

Mary and Lisa collaborated on this project.  Lisa does the applique, and Mary does the piecing.  Lisa gets custody of this beauty.

Debbie finished her Country Sampler quilt.

Wool applique is becoming a favorite throughout the room.

Dianne finished this all-applique beauty for her daughter.  It's huge and it's gorgeous!

Donna's quilt has 40 applique blocks and 40 pieced blocks. A picture can't do this quilt justice.

A beautiful wool quilt made by Julie.

Pat's landscape quilt looks like it is from my neck of the woods.

Pam finished her Calico Cottages quilt.  So well done!

Penny's little house without tears!

Just three more blocks and Julies Country Sampler is well on its way to being finished.

We had a delightful day yesterday which flew by all too quickly.  The girls are wonderful and make my heart so happy and full.