Thursday, September 7, 2023

Retreat Recap

 Hello Everyone,

I'm finally getting around to posting more retreat pictures......and I still have a lot more! Mr. Joe and I sat out on the deck for lunch yesterday and Fall was definitely in the air.  What a great way to start off this post with Ann's Scrappy Maple Leaf quilt.  This quilt is a work of art! 

This is Candace with her Country Romance quilt which I designed several year ago.  So well done!

I should have taken close-ups of all the fussy cutting in the center of each of these Grammys Squares. There were all kinds of little characters and all things Halloween.

Peek-a-Boo Pumpkins was the project last year at the retreat, and Mary Ann has her's all together.

I would love to just curl up on the couch with Kristi's quilt.

A Cute as a Button is in the works.  The hard part is all finished.

Look at this beauty by Diane.

Diana finished her Autumn Thyme table runner, the project for this year's retreat. 

Here are some of the happy faces of the retreat attendees.  They are seated in front of Cindy's Bridle Path quilt which she finished for her quilt shop sample.  Well done!

This group of women are over the top compassionate, funny, helpful and supportive of other quilters. 

I really enjoyed each and every one of them!

There was a great representation of Independence Hall Quilters at the retreat.

Here I am with my sister Gail.  Gail filled in for me while Mr. Joe whisked me off to the Emergency Room with my bites.  The girls told me she did a wonderful job, and they were all on their best behavior!

I've been pretty quiet this week as I've been gone for a couple of days.  I had to go to the see a dermatologist in the SF Bay Area for a follow up appointment to look at my venomous bites. The dermatologist thinks I'm healing nicely but warned me it is going to be a long process as the lower extremities are slow to heal.  I have a quarter-sized 'hole' in my left leg which is still causing me much aggravation and almost constant nerve pain.  I'm praying this stops soon so I can get some decent sleep. As of Tuesdays appointment, they are not going to do surgery to remove the necrotic tissue.  They want to see if my body can heal itself.  I've now had eight doctors look at my bites.  They all shake their heads when it comes to what actually happened.  They all took pictures, and I wouldn't be surprised if the pictures of my ankles appeared in a medical journal.  While they were taking pictures of my legs, I caught myself smiling through the pain for the camera!  Now isn't that crazy??? I should have drawn little happy faces with a permanent marker close to the bites......or a picture of a vampire!

Smile today,



  1. Happy to hear you are doing better. Did they put on a una (sp?) boot/wrap? They did for me which really helped my wound heal. Beautiful quilts,

  2. I have so many wonderful experiences from this retreat, Lynn - thank you for making it a terrific event as always! And when it comes to the spider bites just remember the old tune (yes, I'm going to give you an ear worm) "You fought the spider and you won"!

    1. I'm totally unfamiliar with that song. No ear worm here.

    2. I believe the original tune is "I fought the law and the law won"!...???

    3. Hello. I’m very sorry to hear about you getting mugged by a spider, and all the pain and uncertainty that resulted. Sending wishes for the best and quickest possible recovery. And (((hugs))) of course. Hang in there.

    4. Thank you for your comment. I appreciate it!

  3. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful quilts ! Any chance Ann would share pattern name for the beautiful fall leaf quilt ? Amazing Cindy finished her Bridle apart Quilt for the shop - anxious to see it !

    1. Ann's quilt was made from a book called Maple Leaf Quilts by Ilene Bartos. Thank you for asking.

    2. Thank you so much !