Monday, August 28, 2023

Monday with Marcus

 Hello Everyone,

I'm a bit behind the 8 ball since I didn't post about this online event which started last Monday.  I was very much occupied with all of the quilters at my Sew'n Wild Oaks Retreat.

Every Monday from now through October, Marcus Fabrics designers will be offering you a free pattern!  The designer featured today is Sheryl Johnson from Temecula Quilt Company.  Click HERE and you will be directed to Sheryl's website where you can download the pattern for this adorable wall hanging.

The projects featured over the next few weeks were inspired by our trip to New York.  My date is October 16th, so mark your calendar when my free project will be available.  I've been trying to figure out how to design a quilt depicting Gail and me on the Brooklyn Bridge during a thunderstorm!  Don't worry, I came up with a much better idea.  

Over the weekend I've been pattern writing and testing out my design.  So far so good.



Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Sew"n Wild Oaks Retreat Day 2

 Hello Everyone,

Just a quick post before I dash off to the retreat.  This is Diana's interpretation of my October Magic pattern.  I LOVE IT!!!

How cute is this!

The girls presented a wonderful show and tell last night. Scrappy quilts have a warm spot in my heart.

This quilt is called "Blessing of Spring", offered by Shabby Fabrics. Cindy did a beautiful job.

This quilt was called "Arabella" is a BOM currently offered by Cloth and Quilts.  

This is Candace showing her Country Romance quilt. Lovely. 

Zoom in to see the fussy cutting Candace did on this quilt in Halloween fabrics.  Candace combined my Grammy Squares pattern with Heartfire.

Kritis made a bed runner with Country Sunshine blocks.

I taught classes throughout the day.

The quilters could choose to attend my mini workshops or work on their own projects.  I try to offer something for everyone.

This is Rob, the manager of Snowflake Lodge.  He sings us to every meal which is a treat!

Candace and Romancing Alaska.

This is such a caring, kind, inspirational and thoughtful group of quilters.  We are all so blessed to spend this time together.



Monday, August 21, 2023

August 2023 Retreat Day One

Hello Everyone,

Friends.  When you haven't seen each other for a while this is what you do at the beginning of the retreat.

It takes a village to put on a retreat.  From my friends helping me out to the staff at Snowflake Lodge setting up the tables and power to the tables.

Quilts started going up on the design walls right away.  This is Candace's Romancing Alaska quilt.  I taught this quilt on a cruise to Alaska a couple of years ago.

The girls didn't waste any time and started working on their projects.

Then at 6pm everyone headed over to my cabin for an appetizer dinner.  

Luckily the impact of hurricane Hilary didn't make herself known until after we had dinner on the deck. It rained here for most of the night and is raining this morning.  It's been a nice, drenching rain to perk up the forest and help us through the fire season.

The little mini sessions begin today, so I have to scoot and get down to Snowflake Lodge and be ready to greet the girls and teach.


Thursday, August 10, 2023

Getting by with a little help from my friends

 Hello Everyone,

For the past three days the cabin has been humming with laughter and good times as my friends and neighbor arrived to help me with cutting up 550 yards of fabric into adorable little fat quarter and fat eighth bundles and stuffed 500 patterns into their plastic bags.

This is Karen peeking behind four towers of my Hearthstone fabric by Marcus Fabrics. The towers are just luscious! There are 6-1/4 yards of fabric in each tower.......amazing!

This is the crew of workers responsible for all of this and so much more which I will show in another post.  We had so much fun working, talking and laughing our way through the days.  The cabin seems very empty and quiet today.

We had quite a system of cutting, folding and assembling. It all begins with cutting then folding.

Then the assembly into towers.

This is a partially assembled Hearthstone tower.

Diane is pricing Cheddar and Coal towers.  I also have half-yard bundles to add to the mix.


This is all Cheddar and Coal II by Pam Buda just in time for autumn.

I also have Lily's Locket towers by Pam Buda for Marcus Fabrics.

We had visitors yesterday morning during breakfast.  Mama Bear and her adorable little kids.

What a good mama she is to have three very healthy-looking babies who are growing by leaps and bounds.  The pink flag is the newly marked property line.  The lot in back of us is for sale which we really aren't happy about.  We've had perfect tranquility with an empty lot in back of us for the last 20 years, and we would love to preserve that tranquility.  We already bought the lot next to us, but buying another one is not in the retirement budget.

It's been the perfect storm of activity here at Sew'n Wild Oaks.  When I wasn't assisting the girls, I was fielding calls and filling orders for my Bridle Path Block of the Month patterns as fast as Bonnie and Mr. Joe were putting the patterns in their plastic bags.  The Hearthstone fabric is shipping to shops, and the shops are all ordering their patterns. can be quite exhausting!  As quickly as the boxes filled, Mr. Joe was making several trips a day to the post office.  Mazie loves her trips to the post office with her head hanging out the window and her jowls flapping in the breeze.

I'm so grateful to my friends for getting me through the perfect storm of activity and preparations for the retreats.  I couldn't have done it without and all of the extra hands and laughter throughout the days.

Here's to a jowl-flapping good day!