Wednesday, February 27, 2019

A Treasured Quilting Day

Hello Everyone,
It's not often that I dedicate an entire day to quilting.....only quilting.  It was stormy outside and so cozy inside.  I thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of my time spent on my super-sized Cute as a Button quilt.

I loaded up my Strip 'n Sew with hundreds of 1" strips.

I made strip sets for the 9-patches in the blocks.

I cut the sets up into groups.

Then I made a ton of 9-patch blocks.  When sewn into the quilt, they finish at 1-1/2".  They are so stinkin' cute.

Then I start making the blocks.

My design wall is starting to fill in nicely.  BUT, it takes a ton of 6" blocks to make a queen-sized quilt!

Some of my 9-patch blocks are trimmed with dark strips, and some are trimmed in light strips. 

Last Saturday we headed to Yosemite to see the Fire Fall.  The angle of the sun on Horsetail Falls creates this natural phenomenon.  Unfortunately, it was pretty cloudy, and the effect was not as dramatic as we witnessed two years ago.


We had to park about a mile away from the viewing area, and trek through the snow.  This was really hard on my back.  Once we got to the best location for viewing, the whole time I was thinking that I had to walk back, through the snow, and in the dark.....and our snowshoes were home in the closet.  The picture below shows that we had a cleared trail for part of the way.....but not for very long.

This is what the Fire Fall looks like on a good viewing day.
Today is a paperwork day.....sigh.  Taxes.....big sigh.  Probably not much time for quilting.....bigger sigh.  I'm heading out next week for a guild lecture and workshop in Redding, CA.  I'm looking forward to my trip to the northern part of the state.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Cute as a Button Progress

Hello Everyone,
This snowy, cold weather is perfect quilting weather. 

Here are some of my favorite blocks from my queen-sized Cute as a Button quilt.  I love making them because I can incorporate so many different fabrics from past quilts. All you need is a ton of 1" strips and a ton of 2" squares for the 9-patch blocks.

I've made some good progress.  A block or six a day add up over time.  I have to make many, MANY more blocks to cover the bed.  I also have to put a frame around the 9-patch blocks to make them the same size as the Courthouse Steps.  This is quickly becoming my new, favorite quilt.  I can just picture this on our bed at the cabin.

The sun came out yesterday.  People came out of their cabins yesterday.  The plows came out yesterday.  You can see our garage peaking up over the berm......but you can't see the house from the street since it sits down in back of the garage.

Our road is still only one lane which makes it difficult to drive.  Hopefully the BIG plow went through in the night to give us another lane.

This cold, winter sunset looks like a scene from Dr. Zhivago. This morning the temperature has dropped to 15 degrees.  I'll wait for the roads to thaw before I head out to Morgan Hill with an overnight stop in Livermore to visit with all the big and little kids. 

I hope I don't have to wait the entire day for it to warm up!


Monday, February 18, 2019

Preparations for a Lecture and Workshop

Hello Everyone,
Today I'm getting ready for my lecture and workshop to the Piece by Piece Quilters Guild in Morgan Hill this Thursday.
First order of business is gathering up all of the quilts around the cabin and pack them by order of appearance in my lecture.  My trunk show includes about 25 quilts.

A lot of the quilts are stored in this cabinet.  The rest are sprinkled around the cabin, tucked here, there, and everywhere.  Sometimes I feel like I'm going on an Easter Egg hunt looking for a certain quilt.  I'm always moving them around.

I took pictures of a few of the quilts as I put them on the bed and refolded them to fit into their bags. 
Toyland Tree

Lil' Orphan Scrappy

For the Love of Baskets


Spoken For

The House on Edgewood Lane

Country Sunshine

This is my impersonation of the Princess and the Pea bed. We never worry about being cold......but we could be smothered by the weight of all the quilts.
The morning greeted us with crystal blue sky.  As the temps warn, we are showered with silver glitter.  People are beginning to surface from their cabins.  You can hear the hooting and hollering of children playing out in the woods. 
 I wish I could navigate my way out to the back yard to take a picture of the back of the cabin.  But, that is not going to happen.  There isn't any chance of dragging this old gal through the hip-deep snow.  If I toppled over, there is absolutely no way I could become vertical again.
Next I have to work on my pattern bin, and make sure I'm taking enough patterns to sell.  The bins are in the garage, and it's cold up there!  I'll put on my gloves, coat, and brave the cold weather. 
I may actually get some quilting done today.  What a novel idea!

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Snug Little Bugs

Hello Everyone,
First of all I want to thank all of you for the advise and well wishes about my sciatica.  I'm doing so much better.  I finally felt well enough to make some Cute as a Button blocks.

I moved my sewing machine out on the dining room table for a couple of reasons.  I love the view I have of the snow!  I'm closer to the fire, and I can see/hear TV......and Mr. Joe. I need to take another picture of my sewing area today as there are several more inches of snow added to this scene.

UPDATE 7:00am

My design wall is starting for fill, but I'm going to need a lot more blocks for a queen-sized Cute as a Button.  I'm addicted to making the blocks.  I make five Courthouse Steps blocks at a time.  The nine-patch blocks take me a little longer to make.

This is the view out my sliding glass door of our bedroom.  You are looking at the top of a 2' ruler.

There are 23" of snow out there as of yesterday morning.  It is supposed to snow all day to add to this total.

UPDATE 8:00am  28"   Longer ruler!

We have been reduced to using shovels since the snow blower said that it's finished working!  We go out three times a day to clear the driveway and the berm created by the snowplows.  If we stay ahead of it, I can push a shovel around, I just can't throw the snow over the berm.  The berm is higher now as this picture is two days old.

This is a shot from our front porch looking up to the back of the garage.  Poor Mazey is having a tough time getting through the snow to take care of business.

We are constantly clearing the path which is so slippery.....even with salt sprinkled on it.  Our big bag of salt is almost empty.

I hope this isn't too much snow for the roof to handle.  This picture shows that I really do live in a log cabin in the woods.

Do you want to pull up a chair and eat around the patio table? We can put the umbrella up.

I actually have plants in pots in the two lumps on the patio.

You should see me trying to get dressed to go outside and push a shovel around.  I feel like the Pillsbury Dough Boy and the Michelin Man combined.  I wear traction devices on my boots.  The other day, I put the boots on before I put on the traction devices.....wrong.  I had to take the boots back off, hold the boot upside down between my knees, and then put on the traction device.  Well, I pulled it too hard, and the device shot across the room and almost hit the TV. I learned my lesson.  Once the devices go on the boot, they stay there.

We are cozy, and have plenty of food and wine. We are a bit concerned that we will run out of propane.  The trucks have not been able to get through and fill the tank.  We can always cook on top of the wood burning stove or the barbeque.  I wonder how a bowl of oatmeal would taste?  Wait a minute, first we have to dig out the barbeque!

I just peaked outside and it is still snowing at 6am.  We keep commenting on how pretty it looks.  I was supposed to leave for the Bay Area today for classes on Monday and Tuesday in Livermore.  I'm not going to make it out today.  Maybe, just maybe I can head out tomorrow.  I have to leave by Wednesday for sure and get to Morgan Hill for a workshop and lecture on Thursday.  I have to pack up all the quilts, and patterns, and haul them up to the car.  This is NOT trivial.  I think I may just go back into hibernation.



Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day

Hello Everyone,
When I was looking for pictures for Valentine's Day, I found one of my UFO's, Vintage Valentine by Verna Mosquera.

This really is gorgeous, and I really need to finish it......but not this week.

I have been keeping a very low profile since the Folsom quilt show.  I have been suffering from sciatica.  This pain is far worse than natural childbirth.  It was bad during the show, but then got worse after the show.  Now, I'm down for the count.

The doctor's office sent me a link to a back exercise video.  The videos were great......the issue is getting down on the floor and back up again.  Once I get down there, I may never be vertical again.

I get some relief from the shooting pain down my leg from thigh to ankle when I get in the bathtub.  But, and this is a big BUT, I'm so afraid of getting in and out of the tub.  I don't want our cute, and young first responders to have to get a hoist to get me out of the tub!  How embarrassing would that be.

The good news is I don't have to shovel snow and more is on the way.  I didn't have to stack wood when the cord of almond arrived.  Mr. Joe is doing all the cooking and cleaning.  I've been taking my pills and snoozing a lot.  I made a few Cute as a Button blocks yesterday.....slowly.....very slowly.  About all I do is fill my Etsy orders, and answer a few emails everyday.

My very kind doctor gently reminded me that my body is not as young as my brain thinks it is.  I translated that into no snow shoveling.  Insert sad face on Mr. Joe.

Today is going to be a better day. 



Sunday, February 10, 2019

Sunday Morning Quilt Show

Hello Everyone,
This morning quilt show is brought to you by the extremely talented quilted in the Folsom Quilt Guild.  The first quilt is a wonderful representation of California.  Such amazing details!

The last three days have been very busy for us in the booth.  Today is the last day and take down will begin at 4pm.  We extended our stay for another night in the hotel since we would be foolish to try to drive home in the dark and snow tonight to get back to the cabin.
So many wonderful friends old and new have stopped by the booth for a hug and a quick conversation.  As I go to more guilds and shows, the circle of acquaintances has grown. 
Thank you all for your past comments.  I haven't had enough time to respond to all of you personally.
......and we are off for day three!